I’m starting again but find it hard so I keep falling off I have no one near me to
Work out with .
How do you keep going?


  • elisa123gal
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    I took a before picture... standing in my underwear in front of the mirror. I took a front and side profile, stored it on my computer... and I looked at it a few times a day. I didn't post it or share the photo...but it kept me motivated to stay on track.

    I think the before photo is the single thing that worked for me. I could no longer kid myself by not looking at my full body or covering up with clothes.

    Give it a try and see if it works for you.
  • ToBePriya
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    I know this might sound a little silly, mostly because I thought it did at first... but taking inspiration from Jillian Michaels (love her)- tell yourself you are worth it, you CAN do it, and that you deserve to feel better, to feel great, to be healthy and fit! And when you're thinking about eating something you don't need or feeling unmotivated to work out- remind yourself of these motivational things. The worst habit I used to have was to deride myself when I'd eat something I didn't need... or didn't feel like working out... But having a pep talk really can work wonders. :) Positive reinforcement is the way to go.