Returning to MFP and looking for accountability

Hey! I'm back to mfp after months of not using it. A bit a of a background on why I stopped using this app. I started in 2016 and lost 40lb which was amazing but I noticed that a got obsessed with the numbers and discouraged about the scale being stalled for a while. I felt that I needed a break from counting calories for my mental health. Unfortunately I have gained 15lb back. This is partly pure laziness and not paying attention to my food choices and also beginning a new relationship which as amazing as that has been has also meant a lot of restaurants and all that comes with dating.

So I'm back to try and get back on track and looking for friends to add a level of accountability.
My biggest concern is my mental health so I am looking for people who support a healthy relationship with food. I'm focused on maintaining balance while treating my body with love both mentally and physically!


  • ToBePriya
    ToBePriya Posts: 16 Member
    Hi Rebecca! :) I sent you a request. I have a similar story, the whole lost weight & got obsessed, etc. But I'm back this time for health and fitness with a totally new mindset. Skinny isn't my goal anymore. Healthy = happy.
  • dudleycallison
    dudleycallison Posts: 14 Member
    Sounds like good insights on your motivations. Similar, I lost 25 pounds in 2016, then gained most of it back. And, my friends from back then are not on MFP any longer. No doubt, this journey is easier with others who seek a healthy lifestyle in every area!
  • erkeller101
    erkeller101 Posts: 3 Member
    Hello, new to all this. I dropped 25 lbs back in 2017 and felt great. Let stress of work and changes at my job get to me and gained 50lbs! I need a group to help keep me straight