What was your strangest unhealthy food combo?



  • peanut butter goes well with anything. it is evil..
  • LassoOfTruth
    LassoOfTruth Posts: 735 Member
    Nutella and cream cheese on a raisin bagel. :)
  • MommaKit79
    MommaKit79 Posts: 852
    fried chicken maple syrup and waffles amazingly it all went well together.

    CHICKEN & WAFFLES...YUMM-O!!! Only I don't put the syrup on it, just the chicken gravy!!

    I LOVE Pretzels & Cake Icing!

    Ketchup & Chips
    Ketchup & Buttered Noodles
  • donyellemoniquex3
    donyellemoniquex3 Posts: 2,386 Member
    Nutella and cream cheese on a raisin bagel. :)

    Om nom nom
  • Chocolate covered Doritos. Sounds gross, but actually super tasty.
  • RllyGudTweetr
    RllyGudTweetr Posts: 2,019 Member
    Nutella, banana, and marshmallow fluff sandwich.

    Don't judge me!
  • PapaverSomniferum
    PapaverSomniferum Posts: 2,677 Member
    Root beer floats with Chocolate Chip Mint Ice Cream.

    I ate that daily, sometimes 3 times daily, for 9 months.

    I had my reasons.
  • Strawberry Twizzlers licorice and cold Coors Light. Mmmmm!
  • loveanddestroyx
    loveanddestroyx Posts: 185 Member
    Peanut butter, banana, and Dorito sandwich :indifferent:
  • Panda_Rolls
    Panda_Rolls Posts: 101 Member
    My friends and I did an "Iron Chef" challenge once, where we got together once a week with a theme ingredient. We came up with some pretty tasty stuff, like corn nut brittle and doritos mac n' cheese.

    Doritos Mac n Cheese?! Marry me?

    Ok, but you have to bring that wallabee/kangaroo/whatever-it-is-it's-frikkin'-cute with you. I want to put a little harness on it and walk it around the neighborhood.
  • adlace
    adlace Posts: 375 Member
    corn chips and garlic mashed potatoes.
  • McDonalds hot fudge sundae with fries :)

    My favorite combo....or chocolate shake and fries.
  • SusanDugas
    SusanDugas Posts: 30 Member
    Take a 1/4 pound package of saltine crackers, crush them into a bowl, add plenty of whole milk! Ahhh comfort food at its' finest! If you run out of crackers, just eat plain potato chips and wash them down with a glass of whole milk.
  • SusanDugas
    SusanDugas Posts: 30 Member
    Love hot, greasy fries dipped in chocolate shake!:love:
  • Subzeromambo
    Subzeromambo Posts: 27 Member
    Roasted teriyaki crickets in Japan, very tasty!
  • cingle87
    cingle87 Posts: 717 Member
    sandwiches with crisps in. Particularly very strong flavours like pickled onion. You make a normal sandwich, preferably with white bread, and then cut it into little squares or triangles, then take off the top piece of bread, put in as many crisps as you need, then replace the bread, and eat it.

    if you are in the USA, by crisps I mean chips. i.e. things like doritos or monster munch that come in bags and you eat them. do you get monster munch in the USA? Pickled onion flavour monster munch go really well with this. But doritos do as well, and most other strongly flavoured crisps.

    I adore crisp butties, packet of walkers salt and vinager between 2 slices of white bread nom nom nom
  • MelMoly
    MelMoly Posts: 1,312 Member
    I think the fact that they make Taco bell/KFC should be a red flag! I know I had a Taco bell/pizza hut across the street in college... not good my friends not good! plus I worked at 7-Eleven (3rd shift) lots of old *kitten* taquitos were eaten with cheese and ranch twist (WHY DON'T YOU MAKE THEM ANYMORE) Frito's ...... bleck! this makes me ill now thinking about it
  • britttttx3
    britttttx3 Posts: 458
    Chinese food pizza. Hands down.
  • ginakiki
    ginakiki Posts: 226 Member
    Doritos on a everything bagel with cream cheese toasted yummm

    cinnamon bread toasted with mayo and cucumbers ....