How do you get MFP to adjust to your current weight/calorie level?

If I lose weight, and enter it into "check in", will my daily calories change, or do I have to enter it somewhere else?

Thank you


  • Chrisjbrawn
    Chrisjbrawn Posts: 28 Member
    It should change automatically for you.
  • Lietchi
    Lietchi Posts: 4,268 Member
    It should change automatically for you.

    It should, but it doesn't necessarily.
    I need to 'update' (confirm) my goals and weight in the settings to update my daily calorie goal.

  • ZoneFive
    ZoneFive Posts: 570 Member
    MFP never changed automatically for me. I waited too long to update my numbers and wound up in a long stall. After I realized what was happening, I've made sure to go into Goals (about every five pounds lost) and change my own numbers. Can't hurt to keep an eye on it, and you actually see the changes being made.
  • cmriverside
    cmriverside Posts: 32,392 Member
    ...and don't forget to change your actual Goals as you get closer to a healthy weight. An aggressive weight-loss goal is a recipe for disaster, and it tends to not only cause health issues but can make adherence to the deficit and then transition to maintenance even harder.