Happy 2020 to my fellow Maintainers

Happy New Year y’all. The past few weeks set me back a bit, working on our home renovation and eating (and drinking) out every night. I gained 5#. But 2020 puts me at 4 years in maintenance— and I’ll take that. Jan-March are typically the months when Im most motivated.

I’m also making minor tweaks to my 2020 plan to add a bit more fish and eggs and drop all the highly reactive foods from my recent test. They include coconut, chickpeas, all dairy, lemon, sesame, sunflower and tomatoes. Also meat and beer, but I don’t consume that anyway.

Bottom line, I continue to try new things and dial it in. Each year I become more and more confident that those 75# are in the rear view mirror! Cheers


  • kristen8000
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    I've pretty much considered myself on maintenance since early 2013, with a few periods of 15lb weight gain (aka, oh crap, things got out of control, let's rain them back). From Mid-2011 to Early 2013 I lost 50lbs total (193-143).

    This past September I noticed things getting a bit away from me (somehow all the clothes in my closet shrunk, imagine that) and lost 18lbs, finding myself around 146 and 5'11 (I think I may be shorter now). My goal for 2020 is to NOT let it get out of control, maintaining in a 3+/3- range from 150. To do so I've set out to promise myself that I get on the scale EVERY SUNDAY and if I can't Sunday, plan ahead. Must weight at least 1x per week for all of 2020. This is key because usually I'll get "here" and think "ah, I'm good", have a few days per week where I think "Ah, I gained, I don't want to see the #" and all of a sudden months later nothing fits.

    @nowine4me Even though I'm not having reactions to certain foods, it seems my BF is and I keep requesting he gets a recommendation for a test from his PCP. We know lactose is a problem, but he's eliminated that and still has issues. We can't pin point what though. Can I ask what test you took and who administrated it? As a kid, I went to an allergist, but I'm not really sure if this is the same thing.

    Maintenance is hard. Requires just as much work as losing weight (even more I think sometimes). I'm hoping that somehow I find the answer in 2020.
  • nowine4me
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    @kristen8000 www.checkmybodyhealth.com
    Gives you a breakdown of food intolerances, gut health and vitamin deficiencies. I would highly recommend it to everyone just for the knowledge.
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    Happy New year to you as well! Maintaining now for 2 years and 3 months but who's counting? Here's hoping that 2020 is a great year for all of us no matter what our goals may be.