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What do you do to reward yourself for keeping up with your goals or for caring for yourself?

I currently go into the hot tub a few times per week as my reward. I would love to know about your little indulgences.


  • Elijah8468
    Elijah8468 Posts: 37 Member
    I set up my vacations as rewards. Have them planned, work hard and stay consistent then just go have fun with no accountability. Right back on track after.
  • H_Ock12
    H_Ock12 Posts: 1,152 Member
    The finisher medals at the end of my races are my rewards.
  • jenncornelsen
    jenncornelsen Posts: 969 Member
    New workout clothes, which is now apparently all i own 😂
  • ThisTimeNoWine
    ThisTimeNoWine Posts: 9 Member
    I have booked a session with a stylist to go shopping in April (so I have a set date to achieve my 2020 goal)
  • cask16
    cask16 Posts: 196 Member
    I have booked a session with a stylist to go shopping in April (so I have a set date to achieve my 2020 goal)

    Love this idea! Loads of people buy new clothes but I still seem stuck in a rut - an outside perspective would be fun x
  • Katmary71
    Katmary71 Posts: 6,802 Member
    The only time I did this is when my pants were so baggy i decided at the next 5lb goal I'd get new clothes. I had no choice to buy new workout shoes as my feet shrunk a size and I was slipping all over the place! My ear buds died at my last 5lbs so i spent a little more on new ones. I hit goal weight and a health goal the same day and had no material or other reward planned, I don't think I'd thought I'd make it! I still need to do my "final" clothes shopping trip, I'm wearing pretty baggy clothes and workout clothes. I'll probably do some sort of reward for sticking with it, it's been harder without the scale victories.
  • schemingspuddy
    schemingspuddy Posts: 9 Member
    My long term reward will be getting a new wardrobe. I’ve got about 70lbs to lose so don’t want to waste money getting tons of new clothes along the way but think I’ll treat myself to s couple of new pieces here and there.

    Otherwise my reward tends to be buying other things like bags, makeup, accessories, etc.
  • rebbylicious
    rebbylicious Posts: 621 Member
    I have booked a session with a stylist to go shopping in April (so I have a set date to achieve my 2020 goal)
    I love this idea!
  • seltzermint555
    seltzermint555 Posts: 10,741 Member
    When I was in the process of losing a large amount of weight I had small goals and would reward myself with things like new fitness gear, clothes, etc. When I hit a big milestone I bought myself all new makeup (nicer stuff than usual) and a counter top organizer to put it in.

    Now that I'm maintaining the loss for years, I feel like the same "rewards" keep me on track for the long haul. Clothes, boots, nice makeup and skincare. I always treated myself to nice things now and then - at every size - but I feel like it's on a different level now. My self-image and self-worth have improved.
  • AdamAussie34
    AdamAussie34 Posts: 168 Member
    I book a massage to reward myself
  • bighoopattitude
    bighoopattitude Posts: 37 Member
    Books! I love reading, but it’s a real treat to legit just sit there when there are so Amy other things to do.
  • MichelleMcKeeRN
    MichelleMcKeeRN Posts: 450 Member
    Workout clothes/gear
    Lash extensions
    Massages occasionally
    Nice hot bath

    When I eventually get to my goal weight, I plan to buy a whole new closet of clothes.
  • jeagogo
    jeagogo Posts: 179 Member
    edited January 2020
    New workout clothes, which is now apparently all i own 😂

    I'm so guilty of that too. I do trapeze which requires lots of skin covered on the legs, so things like stirrup leggings are ideal... then I recently started pole fitness which requires as much skin uncovered as possible (to grip the pole), so now I have an excuse to buy a whole new workout wardrobe!

    I also think massages are also a great reward, especially when I've been working hard in the gym.
  • hipari
    hipari Posts: 1,367 Member
    I have bought so many workout clothes previously as both rewards and motivational tools that I’m not allowed to buy any new gear until I need it in a smaller size. The only exception is outdoor gear that needs replacing, I’m currently in need of new weatherproof pants.

    I have my goal split into 1.2kg (approx. 2.5lbs) segments. Incidentally, that is what two family-sized tubs of butter or margarine usually weigh where I live. Previously when I lost weight, everytime I hit another 0.6kg aka tub of butter lost, I’d go to the grocery store, pile up the amount of butter tubs I had lost in total to visualize it, and then go buy myself some flowers. I think I will do the flower thing again this time around.

    I’m also considering buying myself a new piece of clothing or accessory for every 1.2kg milestone I hit, so I have nice stuff during this process and will have something nice that fits and looks professional throughout this time. I’ll start with stretchy things that adapt to a smaller size better, so it’s not all going to waste in a year.
  • ReenieHJ
    ReenieHJ Posts: 9,724 Member
    I guess this will be more of a reward for when I get all my tax info figured out for the accountant but when I've got that all behind me, I'm going to clean out my closet and bag up all the clothes that are too big for me. Maybe by then the stores will have some new cute spring styles in stock. Or hit the thrift stores for new stuff. Or yard sales will be happening again! :)
    Another reward I'm looking forward to is getting a tan over more of my body than just my arms. :/ I can only remember 1 summer when I wore shorts at all. So my legs never see the sun; this summer will be different. :)
  • sweetbe44
    sweetbe44 Posts: 195 Member
    My favourite reward so far, when I lost 100 lbs I had my wedding rings resized.
  • The_Bec
    The_Bec Posts: 8 Member
    If I do well during the week, whether I've lost or gained, I treat myself to an at home spa evening. Just to say job well done to myself...

    But for a weight loss goal I've promised myself a weekend out of town with my fiance. We already picked the place and set aside the money, so it doesn't feel extravagant. But I told myself I can't solidify anything until I hit my goal. It's been a real inspiration when the days get tough!
  • FatToFitChaser
    FatToFitChaser Posts: 192 Member
    A choclate bar of my choice