Day 4! But here is the weekend!! 😱

Hi everyone! I’m new here and on day 4. The weekend is upon us and I feel restaurant’s are impossible. No beer, no Mexican food. This is where it’s hard because most our restaurants don’t have many healthy options or I have NO idea what is even in the food (calories wise) We stayed home again tonight and ate chicken and veggies....... boring 🤣🤣


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    I seldom drink calories, but beer is absolutely the exception. Once you've been at this awhile, you'll likely find that you really can have whatever you want -just not as much or as often as maybe you're used to. And grilled chicken/veggie fajitas are usually a pretty safe choice when eating Mexican food - and not boring!
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    Eating out can be done! Shortly after I started I found out we were going to a fave restaurant. I prelogged everything I knew I wanted to eat - nearly 1000 cals out of 1470, ouch! But I knew if that’s where we were going that’s what I wanted! So I ate light throughout the day, and was more than ready for supper that night - brisket, fries, and slaw YUM.

    Another option is to get in a workout to earn a few extra calories as well.
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    Eating out can be done, but it should be done sparingly. A lot of "healthy" veggie items will have sugars, fats, and sodium packed into them vs the same veggie you've made at the house. One thing a lot of fitness advisors have said is if you know you're going to go out and have a couple of beers on the weekend over a dinner, calculate the extra calories you would have that night and subtract them over the days leading to and after that day. For example if you know your dinner is going to be an extra 1,000 calories skip 200 calories the 4 days prior to, and then 200 from your meals the day of. It's just another way to make the numbers work.

    The other thing I do is I make my meals for the next few days on saturdays and eat one of those meals Saturday night and Sunday night that way there's no temptations over the weekend. I love a good 99% lean turkey burger for lunch mid afternoon snack as well.

    Good luck to you!
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    Great ideas everyone! 👍🏻😁
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    Yesterday, I was facing the same dilemma but here's how I made it work: Before breakfast, I logged in my restaurant dinner before I logged in any other food in my food diary. We were going to a restaurant that has amazing battered/deep fried halibut and fries. With a few food searches and "guestimates," I figured out that I could have 8 oz of fish and 180 g of fries (which I'm pretty good at figuring out). I kept my search to "restaurant tartar sauce" and 2 tbsp only. Then I worked backwards to breakfast. I had coffee with sugar-free coffeemate instead of my almond milk latte (60 cal/cup) with 2 tsp Toriani salted caramel/chocolate syrup and cooked 2 egg whites instead of 1 whole egg + 2 whites. About 4 pm (dinner was at 6), I had a snack of 6 oz almond milk (60 cal cup), heated, with sugar free vanilla and freshly grated nutmeg. I vacuumed, did laundry, mopped, and never stopped for 3-4 hrs for the afternoon except for that almond milk break. I was pretty hungry but I just kept drinking water. When we ordered our dinner, I could only get one small piece of halibut down and a few fries before I was stuffed. My husband got the rest and when I got home I was able to adjust my diary. When then went to see the movie "1917." I had a bit of down fall at the movies...a little bit of the grandson's candy and some of my husband's licorice and later at home I had an apple and a bit more licorice, but, except for sugar, I did a good job. I normally would have eaten the entire dinner and had my own bag of candy from the supermarket bulk section for the movies.

    Today, I don't feel like it, but I'm going to go swimming because I know that once I'm in the pool, I'll feel like I'm home.
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    Ditto on the point that you don't have to be 100% perfect in your diet. Maybe just aim for 80% on target. You don't want your diet to become something you resent or that prevents you from living, y'know?

    I actually find that on the weekends when I am busy I need to eat in a totally different way than weekdays. On weekdays I eat a lot of small meals and snacks throughout the workday, but on weekends I find I feel better if I eat a couple large meals. A good brunch will easily hold me over throughout the day and then I just have a light dinner.
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    Really look at the menu for things that might not have caught your eye before. My Mexican restauarant does a great grilled chicken breast on a bed of lettuce and tomatoes, with a mango salsa. It was easy to guesstimate and log.

    In lieu of chips for salsa, I asked for a bowl of sliced bell peppers to dip. Since they have beauvouos in hands for fajitas, they were happy to accommodate and brought them right out.

    I was shocked and super pleased that the whole meal - which was delicious - came in under 400 calories.