Doing plant based Mediterranean diet following 16 .8

I think 16/8 intermittent fasting works best for me. I feel much better when I do if. My favourite diet plan is the Mediterranean diet so I am going to combine the two with a vegan slant.
I hope by the beginning of March to have lost 12-14lbs.
With regard to exercise I think walking jogging and I may start doing yoga. It suits me best I just get my trainers on and head out when it suits me. I loved spin cycling and other group classes but hate being tied to a certain time. Then you have to book quickly to get into the good classes.
Wish me luck guys cos the way I be been eating recently I will need it👟


  • Katmary71
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    Good luck to you! I'm always tweaking my diet and exercise, I have health issues that influence both but have combined two completely different eating styles and finally decided I can pull what I like from each and discard what doesn't work for me. With exercise I used an exercise bike every day then added in weights and elliptical after 5 months. I started getting stagnant when I reached maintenance and have been trying new things like the stair stepper, app videos, walking, and stretching/body weight exercise like squats, planks, and sit ups. My body is quickly responding to the variety, I had a better bike session tonight than I had in awhile. Stay flexible is what I'm trying to say, it's great to have a plan but you're going to discover what's sustainable longterm as you go along.
  • annie5904
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    Wow. You are really going for it. I will swop and change exercise but always jog and walk in between.
    Being vegan to me is more than just a diet but it is amazing how varied it can be.
    Good luck...not that you need it.
    Annie x