Alternative Sweets?



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    I eat 100% chocolate. Montezuma brand is the one I enjoy and a little bit will reall satisfy a chocolate craving without the sugar. For sweet treats Trader joes has a nice selection of small serving desserts that range from 40-80 calories per individual item. One of those will usually do it if i am looking for something sweet.
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    blueberries with grated 92% dark chocolate in a number of grams that fits your budget. grating makes the chocolate fluff up and melt easily so it looks like more than it is and tastes like more than it is too.

    For ice cream try the New York Times' "only ice cream recipe you'll ever need" and make it at home so you can control the sugar content. I find I can cut the sugar in half for most flavors and for some fruits add no sugar at all (eg: make cherry ice cream using Trader Joe's unsweetened sweet cherry juice and no added sugar to flavor the ice-cream base.) However you will still get fat-calories doing this--cutting the cream content doesn't work well as you wind up with ice crystals in the final product.
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    I eat a little bit of chocolate every day; Lake Champlain 72% cacao is awesome, as long as I stop at one square. SlimFast makes a peanut butter cup keto fat bomb that is delicious and very satisfying. I satisfy the ice cream urge with Rebel Creamery; so many great flavors. I love plain Fage greek yogurt; I mix in DaVinci sugar free syrup and sprinkle grain free granola on top; You could chop up your chocolate with a mix of pecans and/or other nuts. Also, Walden Farms makes some calorie free syrups (chocolate, caramel, etc.) My dentist recommended xylitol gum and mints; they are good for your teeth and your waistline, and I find that they help cut off sugar cravings after a meal. Sno and Pur make my favorite flavors. I find that eating as much good stuff as possible during a meal really helps me curb the cravings.
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    Protein shake that tastes like Wendy's Frosty!

    3/4 cup (6 ounces) milk of your choice, about 15 ice cubes, 1 scoop protein powder (I used a chocolate peanut butter but whatever you want!), 1-2 TB cocoa powder (recipe called for unsweetened but I used just general cocoa powder), sweetener of choice (1/4 of a frozen banana or stevia), and 1 TSP xanthum gum.

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    another thing I just thought of as im chewing it, Gum. Ice Breakers Ice Cubes gum has a lot of good sweet flavors.
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    Peanut butter and banana or sliced strawberries on rye toast
    Dried mangoes or strawberries
    Oats with chocolate protein powder, peanut butter, and cherries (or nix the oats and make it a smoothie)
    Have a bowl of yogurt and take some of your usual chocolate treats and cut them up small to sprinkle on top. I'm doing this with leftover dark chocolate and sea salt graham crackers from Christmas. You still get the flavour and crunch but it's bulkier/has protein. Often add rasperries etc.
    Stick a dark chocolate chip inside some raspberries as a cute little snack
    Stewed apples with almonds/walnuts/pecans and cinnamon. Usually served with a scoop of Oatly caramel ice cream
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    Since you like/miss ice cream, you might like this. It's like 'Protein Fluff' minus the protein powder...The protein powder would most likely thicken it up too. And the flavor used would make it taste pretty good too I'm assuming...
    I also absolutely LOVE dark cocoa powder...10 calories/tbsp. - get to mix in yogurt or I even mix it into cottage cheese with stevia/sweetener.


    You NEED to have a powerful blender - like a Vitamix (I have a Ninja 'Professional' blender)

    First - to make a chocolate/mocha one (my favorite):

    1/8 cup of cold strong coffee into blender
    Add 3/4 tsp. to 1 tsp. of Xanthum gum (keeps it less icy and really thickens it up – I also find it gives it ‘texture’)
    1 -2tbsp.bdvo9mffnxsj.jpg
    of vanilla/caramel extract and sweetener of choice ( I use Stevia)
    *I’ve been now using stevia along with some Salted Chocolate/Espresso Jordan Skinny Syrup too!
    2+TBSP. of dark cocoa powder (or more if you like)
    Add 1/4 tray of ice - blender to break up. Add another ¼ and blend. Keep adding ice cubes until you get ‘right’ consistency. Blend.

    Put in freezer for an hour or so and then it's 'ready' - or just eat the fluff straight away (much more like ice cream though if you freeze it) Add whatever to make it yummy - berries, etc.,

    Not bad for around 25-30 calories!

    you can make protein fluff without ice, then all you need is electric beaters. Ive made it a few times, you can find recipes online

    Yes, but adding the ice cubes is way better imo🤣 It's like ice cream and not just a big bowl of 'fluff' (my picture is one that is more like a fluff...not put in the freezer to thicken it up)
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    I like bakers chocolate, the 100% cocoa, but I know not everyone likes that.

    Also, I've started eating plain Greek yogurt with cucumbers and in a weird way that seemed to help with my sweet tooth.

    Also, it's hard to over indulge on fruit usually (not for everyone), so sometimes I'll keep fruit around since I'm less likely to grab it.

    Okay, a) gotta give that a try; b) how on earth did you stumble across that?!; and c) it really does go to show that the possibilities are endless!

    If I'm craving something like a Snickers (doesn't happen too often, but it does happen), I love a date with maybe 15g almond butter and a little bit of sea salt. (similar to @wendyheath32 but I find dates have a chocolate-ish flavour of their own)

    I also will have portioned out servings of the gummy sweets I love. I keep them in MFP and put them in my diary before I leave work for the day. But I can just have one serving (when I've pre-measured it) generally. I have a history of eating way too many dried fruits, so they get the same treatment.

    It's a known snack/side dish in some regions. Greek yogurt, grated or cubed cucumbers (I like cubed for the texture), pressed garlic, dried mint (enough to give it a speckled look but not so much as to overpower), and salt. Very tasty. You could also add EVOO, but that adds calories I can do without, so I leave it out.

    *FACEPALM* Yes, of course. I didn't even think of that, even though I love it.

    Silly brain. Must need more snacks...

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    I make a mason jar of chocolate chia pudding and eat throughout the week. Each serving had 1tbs chia seeds, 1tbs cocoa powder, 1tbs sola and 1/4 cup almond milk. Just mix and shake. I make 5 servings at a time. If it’s too thick add more liquid.
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    [I feel like I should preface this with one of those internet “Try This One Wierd Trick to Lose Weight!” but this fills me up like crazy.

    Two scoops of Blue Lotus instant chai mix, half a serving of Jordan’s Salted Caramel Skinny Syrup, add boiling water. Froth 1/4c skim milk in a frother (I love my Ninja handpumo frother) and microwave the milk frother for thirty seconds.

    Spoon on top and sprinkle with cinnamon, preferably the OMG good Frontier Coop Vietnamese cinnamon.

    For some reason this is incredibly filling even though the whole thing is under 20 calories. I think it’s because it looks, tastes and smells like a luxurious high-cal coffee-bar drink.

    I also tried heating some Trader Joe’s almond cashew cocoa drink with a squirt of Jordan’s peppermint bark syrup, topped with froth last night. It’s too good to drink fast so it was a nice, lingering snack.

    Otherwise, homemade beef jerky, or a giant bowl of cottage cheese, strawberries, blueberries, a few grams of grape nuts, topped with a great balsamic vinegar is ah-mazing, and takes a long time to eat.

    Amazon sells the Blue Lotus, the ninja frother, the syrups and the cinnamon. Trader Joe’s also has a really good tea-bag chai, but I’m too impatient to steep tea, and the Blue Lotus is spicy and peppery, which helps suppress my appetite.

    I go through gallons of Oli+Ve flavored balsamic syrup. At ten calories a tablespoon, it’s my go-to seasoning for everything from fruit to simple meat marinades. I literally have nightmares they will say, “oops sorry, misprint! We really meant a 100 calories a tablespoon” but hasn’t happened yet, lol. Oli+Ve ships. Their strawberry, dark chocolate, mission fig, and coconut infused vinegars are my favorites.
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    Built Bars!! They taste like a candy bar, but because they are low carb (I think 4 net), they do not spike insulin causing further cravings. Only 110 calories and a whole bunch of protein. They are pricey, and can only be ordered through their own site, but to me, totally worth the $. Lots of flavors to choose from -I like to freeze mine which slows me down when eating them.
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    I buy the Ghirardelli 86% dark chocolate squares that are individually wrapped. They’re 60 calories each, and I can usually manage to keep it to 1 or 2 squares per day. Or if my husband buys cookies that I like, I might have a single cookie and it’s part of my “after dinner” calories. Sometimes fruit is good too—especially berries, since they’re relatively low calorie.
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    I second the chocolate hummus idea. I was skeptical as can be, but it's really great. I dip pretzels in it.
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    I have 1/4 cup of ice cream with nuts every night (150 calories). Or a square of high quality chocolate (35 calories). I like to eat, but I don't need a lot.
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    @nowine4me In your chia pudding recipe, what is sola?
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    Homemade icecream using banana and any fruit you desire. Blend in like a nutribullet, then freeze. I also eat a lot raisins.
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    bit of dark chocolate, crumpet with peanut butter and lemon curd. OR a bit of greek yoghurt with some fruit, little bit of honey.
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    I started buying Halo Top ice cream. It's definitely more icy than milky, but it's something.
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    @nowine4me In your chia pudding recipe, what is sola?
    it’s a brand of sweetener. I would also research Allulose.

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