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verified foods - Chicken Thigh

How are foods verified?

I was trying to add some chicken thigh to my day... and I struggled to find a verified chicken thigh that was not trying to be a liquid...

The dropdowns seem to mostly show fluid ounces, milliliters and teaspoons...

Other verified ones say "one small thigh"... Not sure how they verified that...q07372cj2qvb.png


  • dbanks80
    dbanks80 Posts: 3,685 Member
    edited January 2020
    If you are eating boneless skinless chicken thighs you can search those exact words and it should come up with results using ounces. Example I eat Jewel boneless skinless thighs and that comes up in the database as ounces.

    Or you can add your own entry in the database using ounces.
  • NovusDies
    NovusDies Posts: 8,940 Member
    edited January 2020
    I chuckled at chicken trying to be liquids. The person who entered it and the people who verified it probably thought measuring chicken in a cup was good enough... it is not.

    To answer your question: foods are verified badly.

    The only verification you can trust is the one that you do. You should verify against a label or the usda site. Search for usda chicken thigh and find one that allows you to measure in grams.
  • kshama2001
    kshama2001 Posts: 28,032 Member
    Unfortunately, the green check marks in the MFP database are used for both user-created entries and admin-created entries that MFP pulled from the USDA database. To find admin entries for whole foods, I get the syntax from the USDA database and paste that into MFP.

    The USDA recently changed the platform for their database and it is unfortunately a little more difficult to use. I uncheck everything but SR Legacy - that seems to be what MFP used to pull in entries.

    Note: any MFP entry that includes "USDA" was user entered.

    For packaged foods, I verify the label against what I find in MFP. (Alas, you cannot just scan with your phone and assume what you get is correct.)

    An entry for boneless, skinless thighs that MFP pulled from the USDA is going to look like this:
    • Chicken, broilers or fryers, thigh, meat only, cooked, roasted
    • Chicken, broilers or fryers, dark meat, thigh, meat only, raw