44 reasons why

Consistency. That's my overall goal for myself in 2020. It's obviously pretty broad - for a reason. But in terms of my health/fitness/nutrition/wellness goals...MFP is great for accountability. I'm 44. I'm a sometimes funny, mostly flawed-but-charming punk just looking for friends on here who get it. So many of you are so inspirational - thanks for your help along the way!


  • geraldaltman
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    Continuation is my 2020 goal and I have exactly 42 fewer reasons than you have. Those two reasons are my left hip and my right hip, both of which I got replaced in 2019. Once through recovery and rehab, I became inspired to better watch my calories, be more active and do better and more consistent exercise "because I can"(never a truer use of that phrase). In May of last year, not even a month out from the second surgery, I nearly broke my doctor's scale at 281 lbs. When I weighed just a couple days ago, I was 239 lbs. At my November check-up all my key lab results were markedly better. I have been an active fitness center member since October. 2019 has just been an amazing year and my efforts going into 2020 and beyond is simply do anything I can to avoid again being the immobile mess I was ending 2018. Being more than twenty years younger (I hit 65 in March) reaching your goals ought to be a breeze. Whatever you do if you have any issues, known or unforseen don't ever hesitate or delay getting them checked or treated; that was my totally dumb and avoidable failing and it cost a too many good years including the first few of my retired years. Making these changes has been like retiring a again and this time I'm raring to go! 😊