Husband and father of 3

I'm 28 years young. I'm 5'11" and I weight 290 pounds. I've started and stopped multiple times but haven't even tried to get healthy in 5+ years. I got to the point that i told myself i wasn't going to worry about it and was just going to enjoy life. That worked great for a while. I was happy with how i was living. Now my children are getting to the ages of doing activities that require some physical effort to participate in and I find myself easily winded. Recently I attempted jumping on a trampoline with them and hit the ground when i bounce in the middle. It's a bit diheartening that I can't enjoy those things with my little ones and I want to live life with them, not just watch them grow. So I am starting this journey again and am excercising regularly and eating better. I'm confident i will stick with it this time. Wish me luck on this change.


  • JRE_Momof3
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    Good luck! You got this!
  • Jenn3452
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    Good luck!!
  • Cmoneybby
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    Good luck hun! I’m 26 married and just trying to stay in shape for my husband. Unfortunately no children yet but have 28 nieces and nephews and also having trouble keeping up! I lost 30 lbs in 2018 on this app and just started another new fitness journey. Hoping to lose the 30 lbs I gained back! Stick with this app and keep your mind focused you can do it!
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    3 very active sons here. and wanting to get in shape for the same reasons. They want to play football or baseball or whatever out in the yard and I get the need for wanting to keep up. It's tough when they are a third of our age!! Good luck on your journey!!!
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    Goodluck . I’m a mom of 2 boys. Age 24 and 15. I already reached my weight goal and I’m just maintaining. I’m 53 yrs old with slow metabolism already but I did it! I’m sure you can do it because your still young and will easily lose weight just the right diet, exercise and focus. ☺️