Newbie looking to lose 15lbs

I'm new to my fitness pal started at 153lbs down to 145lbs. Looking for someone to motivate me and help me reach my goal not someone who will say "you are at a healthy weight?!" Or "omg you're already skinny!" Or "are you crazy?!" I'm doing this for me and I want people will help motivate me and give me on advice on lifestyle changes that will help long term.


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    You can do it!!
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    Thank you! Any tips? I'm consuming 1200 calories a day I walk about 20-40min a day but I'm afraid I'm not losing the weight as fast any more.
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    When you have less to lose, loss will inevitably slow down as you get closer to your goal, especially if you are already eating the minimum recommended calories. For reference, folks who start at a higher weight tend to have a higher resting metabolic rate and therefore they will have higher daily calories while remaining at a calorie deficit for weight loss; as they lose weight their calorie target also decreases.
    Best bet for you may be to increase the intensity of your exercise to help burn some more calories. For example, instead of just walking, try doing intervals where you run for short sprints.

    Something to consider if you are aiming to lose weight fast is that faster weight loss can result in not just fat loss, but also loss of lean (muscle) mass, which is detrimental if your aim is to have a lean, "toned" physique. To reduce/prevent loss of lean mass while losing weight it's important to incorporate strength training into your exercise routine.
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    I found basing my calories off of my TDEE gave me a really good baseline to work off of. If you google TDEE there’s a calculator that usually pops up first. It basically tells you based off your age, height and weight how many calories you need to exist every day. I also started the vertical diet which may not be for everyone but it helped me lose 40lbs in 8 weeks while training pretty hard.
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    We have the same goal, so friend me if you want. I like to get inspired and motivated by my friends' workouts.
    Have you tried online videos? There are workouts from 7 min (or less) up to 60 minutes. I love "popsugars", they offer a wide variety and also modified versions for newbies. From dancing to HIIT, weights or your own bodyweight. Working out gives you the possibility to eat a bit more, which is convenient ;-).
    Good luck! :flowerforyou:
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    I’m on here for my second time. Looking to lose 30lbs! If you’d like support feel free to add me.