Joined my MYFitness Pal this past summer.... can't stay committed!

Just started over logging food/ exercise. I want to remain committed- so thought I would post an introduction to feel more accountable to this goal. New year= new me!!!!


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    Welcome. Often when it is too hard you are setting too steep of a goal. If you have only a small amount to lose you should be trying for half a pound a week not two. That's a very common mistake. While 1200 calories a day can be done it isn't easy to sustain over a long period of time and can make it hard to stick to the program. Also MFP will never give less than 1200 calories a day for a goal so if you choose 2 pounds a week as a goal and you can't afford to go low enough to attain that you will end up with 1200 as a goal. If these aren't the issues then try upping the protein and veggies in your diet and lower the processed carbs, potatoes and rice. Some folks find that a higher protein level helps to feel more sated after eating. Anyway welcome to MFP and good luck. You can do it.
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    Thank you, cheryldumais! I appreciate this encouragement! Still logging food/ exercise- feeling positive about this!
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    Pretty much echoing Cheryl here (and I'd point out that Cheryl is a very good long term success story/example), but I think one key to success is to make the process as easy as possible, while still having success.

    Lots of people go all pedal to the metal at New Years, and try to lose weight fast (2 pounds a week, then undereat their goal besides, some don't even eat back exercise!), undertake an aggressive every-day exercise program (HIIT! Heavy weights! No pain no gain! :lol: ), and fix their nutrition (stop eating junk food, adopt some named diet, elimate all sugar or white foods or some similarly extreme thing) . . . all at once.

    Losing a pound a week (or less), steadily, week in and week out, results in more weight loss than does trying to lose weight fast, then giving up after a few weeks (or giving in to semi-routine binging from deprivation).

    Starting to move more in daily life, and maybe take on some fun new movement-oriented activity (could be official "exercise", could be something like carpentry or dancing or whatever), is an on-ramp to becoming more fit. Starting with a little challenge, and increasing gradually over time, to keep a slight challenge, is how fitness builds.

    Beginning with logging one's current eating, regularly reviewing the diary to find foods that "cost" too many calories (in one's own personal view) for their amount of nutrition, then filling in with different foods we enjoy that better serve our nutritional goals: That's a process that, if patiently repeated, results in a way of eating that's personally tasty, practical, calorie-appropriate, nutritious, and just generally happiness-promoting.

    Starting to make minor, manageable changes can often result in more weight loss, better fitness, and improved nutrition by January of 2021, than trying to revolutionize life instantly in ways that are unfamiliar, time-consuming, possibly actually unpleasant ( :grimace: ), and ultimately unsustainable.

    What reason do I have to say this? Well, being in year 4+ of weight maintenance, after 3+ previous decades of obesity, I guess could be taken to suggest I've made enough mistakes along the way to at least have feeling about what worked for one obese, hypothyroid, 60-something li'l ol' lady. Maybe it'd work for some others. ;)

    Best wishes for much success!
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    Staying committed is definitely a challenge. What are some of your daily goals to maintain your commitment?
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    It’s hard to stay committed. I lost 30 lbs on this app in 2018, and just stopped tracking and ended up gaining it all back. Now I’m back on to lose that 30 again and get toned. I’m on day 9-10 and already see so many changes, it helps keep me motivated, plus I just look in the mirror and that motivates me too lol I know it’s gonna take a month before I see real results but I’m ready to get back on track. Feel free to add me