Lost 25 lbs in 3 weeks now nothing on 4th week

dirtycory Posts: 31 Member
So this is my 4th week taking on only 1500 calories per day. And very accurately I think so as well. I weigh everything, I mean everything. Wife says I'm crazy...lol and I stay very close within the parameters of the macros that MFP has laid out for me. 25 lbs gone in 3 weeks. Nice. Feel great too. Lots more energy. This 4th week is almost over and didn't lose 1 even pound. Like I said I weigh everything and log everything I have been eating on MFP. Why the sudden plateau? Started at 250 and my goal is 200. So halfway there. Hate to see it stop now.


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    dirtycory Posts: 31 Member
    So what do you guys think my daily intake should be?