Looking for more friends since I am back to it and working on myself after a breakup

Hey all,
I have been around for many years just using the app on and off, but I have been making commitments over the years to change the way I treat food (recovering from eating disorders), and exercise. I have been making good steps in exercise and have been going swimming (the only exercise that really brings me joy), and well now I am trying to focus on me after a breakup, however cliche that might sound haha. Looking to make more friends, and have casual conversations to keep motivated. I would love to work towards being happy in my own body and feel like it is a capable body as well as eat more foods that make me feel great versus the ones that make me feel heavy (if that makes sense). Send me a friend request if you are looking for the same, or are working through a breakup (romantic/familial/friendship) and are focussing on yourself.


  • grantowi171
    grantowi171 Posts: 4 Member
    Hi, have absolutely no idea of how to send a request, but am will to learn :-)
  • InstepFitness
    InstepFitness Posts: 37 Member
    Me too! Damn it. Lol. I've lost 20 lbs in just 3 months already by not talking to him. Extremely lonely but extremely happy.šŸ˜
  • blevinsmichael06
    blevinsmichael06 Posts: 10 Member
    Break ups suck and on top of it you lose a loved one same day. But it's always time to get back ME.
  • kiwilili
    kiwilili Posts: 12 Member
    @grantowi171 I have added you instead :smile:

    @InstepFitness haha 20lbs is amazing!! Totally get the lonely part though, I was reading your body reacts as if you have been without sunshine when breakup. Yay for being happy though!!

    @blevinsmichael06 definitely always time to get back to ME. Breakups do suck a lot and there is so much change following them. I wish I could hit fast-forward but will use it as motivation.
  • merkumber4
    merkumber4 Posts: 3 Member
    Looking to learn more about this app and the community on it.
  • qudoos
    qudoos Posts: 26 Member
    Let's do it together
  • navyvet60
    navyvet60 Posts: 7 Member
    Add me too.
  • kiwilili
    kiwilili Posts: 12 Member
    @qudoos let's!

    @navyvet60 will do :)

    @merkumber4 it's a pretty great app I think :smile:
  • ketolifter9
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    Welcome! Iā€™d be more than happy to lend advice and offer support where I can šŸ˜€
  • Me and this app - a constant companion over the years. Ugh ... breakups. Being your best self is a huge reward to you :-)
  • frankwoz
    frankwoz Posts: 3 Member
    Breakups, Its harder after 37 years- only advice workout harder, get ready to play hard:- refocus on self
  • kiwilili
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    @ketoluke84 thank you so much, that would be lovely!! :)
    @morriseyroxanne9988 I feel you on the companion part... definitely ughhhhhh. Yes! I want to be the best me I can be.
    @frankwoz that's really good advice. Definitely aiming to refocus on me.