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  • theleadmaretheleadmare Posts: 345Member Member Posts: 345Member Member
    Today's been rough because Boyfriend is having a resurgence of his mental health issues and I have had a migraine most of the day. I got the shopping done, came home, and went right to bed, and we ordered pizza for dinner because I just did. not. have. it. And, you know, he wanted pizza. So we'll see how that sits with me. It worked within my calories, at least.

    Tremendously excited to see inside the house tomorrow. Of course, if we like it there will have to be a home inspection to check for issues we can't see, and all of that stuff, and we'll have to call the bank and arrange the financing. But for this amount of space, for this price, in good shape, there's very little that would totally put me off it. I hate to say it, but I suspect that some of the reason it hasn't sold yet is that the racial composition of the area is changing and, um, some people in this city are racist. (sigh) Decent houseproud middle class people are people I can live beside, regardless of their color, and it's a decent quiet middle class neighborhood.
  • bidingmytimebidingmytime Posts: 60Member Member Posts: 60Member Member
    @bidingmytime you can do this. Just think of where you'll be in a month or two whenever you get the urge not to log. And welcome!

    Yes! Thank you. That's why I'm going to make sure to keep coming back here. Great place to keep the motivation going and push myself to succeed.
    and I forgot to weigh the whole thing in grams. And now he's eaten some so my weighing wouldn't be accurate and :unamused:

    Oh, my OCD nightmare! One of the reasons I tend to shy away from making recipes while counting calories: always afraid it's not accurate enough.
    lbostic89 wrote: »
    @bidingmytime I felt every word you said about the havoc on your OCD, I am exactly the same way, I have a spreadsheet for my daily weight that I also log on Libra lol, then I have my weekly measurements (waist, hips, arms, calves, etc.), then I have my Cal in, cal out, deficit table....I have been approaching this like a full time job. And it is! But my family and I deserve this!

    @lbostic89 That's so awesome! Quite commendable. I need to do this, too. Especially the measurements. How do you accurately measure yourself in those areas? I feel like when I try to do it, I may be too high or too low and not in the proper spot (i.e. thighs is a tough one for me to figure out).

  • lbostic89lbostic89 Posts: 23Member Member Posts: 23Member Member
    @bidingmytime I just chose to measure each area in my thickest spot where the most fat seems to lie, my husband helps me keep my measurements accurate and (I know this sounds awful) I actually have him keep dotting the area we measure with Sharpie :blush: ...only a small dot though above and below my measuring tape on my front, back, and sides, so we can put it in the same place every time. I only plan on doing it until I start seeing some real loss because I started exercising at the same time I started managing my calories and portions; so, it often doesn't show much of a change on the scale for me due to building muscle from my cardio and strength training. It's all a numbers game for me. If I can't see numbers moving here, I want to see them moving somewhere else and that keeps me going! It helps that hubby is doing this with me, too! (even though men have such an easier time losing weight, and that isn't even his goal; he just wants to be healthier and move more).
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