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Let’s expand our mfp friends networks

sana299sana299 Posts: 6Member Member Posts: 6Member Member
If you need friends to help you with motivation (i do!) please reply below with a little about yourself, then add me and anyone else that has replied to this post above your own post.

I’m a UK mum of 3, looking to lose around 30 pounds. Currently on week 2 of intermittent fasting and I’m loving it!


  • josephinebowmanjosephinebowman Posts: 247Member Member Posts: 247Member Member
    Hmm, we have nothing in common other than appreciation of friends. I am 60+, USA mom of a 10 year autistic son who drove me nuts today. I need to dump a lot (60-70 pounds, I don't know stones or kilograms). I think IF is one of the best strategies I've tried. I started this last lose it campaign Jan 17 and think I may have already lost about 14 but 70 more still needed. I do exercises in the YMCA pool here because I do not like to sweat.
  • sana299sana299 Posts: 6Member Member Posts: 6Member Member
    Wow 17 lbs is amazing! i’ll add you now, thanks for the reply :)
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