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  • bpetroskybpetrosky Posts: 3,796Member Member Posts: 3,796Member Member
    allother94 wrote: »
    I agree with the 12 best players approach. The coach I am thinking of disagrees. I think this is why he went 2-34 over a three year period. Besides being a bad coach, he was a pretty horrible person as well. The sad thing about it is that it’s the kids who suffer. The good ones he cut and the ones who made the team who had him as a coach. Bad high school coaches can really scar a kid for life...

    Of course, we are only hearing your side of this story. So basically, with limited information, you just wanted to use this forum to get people to agree with your position that this person is a horrible coach and human being. Ok, got it.

    That was my initial suspicion. When the OP confirmed it I figured it was best to hold my opinion on the situation.
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  • allother94allother94 Posts: 454Member Member Posts: 454Member Member
    I wasn’t looking for confirmation. I was asking for insights, from here and other places, before making my final conclusion. I don’t need to convince 5 random people on the internet before deciding what I believe. Maybe that’s how you live your life, but not me.

    And even if I was doing this to make myself feel better, so what? What kind of person are you for trying to mess that up?

    If you feel the need to say anything, you should just say that you are only hearing one side of the story and maybe there is more to it. You don’t need to be a jerk about it. I would love nothing more than to hear the other side of this story, but that is not possible.
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  • allother94allother94 Posts: 454Member Member Posts: 454Member Member
    Or maybe your kids are the “buddies of the best players” who make the team at the expense of others... I’m guessing your feelings and wants would be a major part of the “other side of the story”. That’s probably why I will never get to hear that side of the story.
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