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Wider back after strength training?!

CeeBeeSlimCeeBeeSlim Posts: 517Member Member Posts: 517Member Member
Hi. I’m about to repeat Strong Curves and have great results last time I did it - except for the bigger back. It was harder to button my shirt, although everywhere else - weight, hips, waist - decreased. I definitely was in a deficit and trained 3 days a week. Are there certain exercises that could result in a wider back - I’d like to avoid those. (Lat pull downs, overhead presses, rows?) Or was it possibly the #reps or weight I was lifting - not the exercise.


  • mom23mangosmom23mangos Posts: 2,932Member Member Posts: 2,932Member Member
    Your lats are what give you that wider back, so if you want to avoid growing them, avoid lat pull downs, pull-ups, chin-ups, and yes rows. With that being said, a strong back (including lats) is a good thing in life. Stick to more isolation workouts and avoid compound movements if you want to avoid hitting the lats as much.

    Edit - I sympathize as there are dresses/shirts I can no longer wear due to my lat size. However, I need really strong lats to move my body the way I want to so I’m ok with the trade off.
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  • CeeBeeSlimCeeBeeSlim Posts: 517Member Member Posts: 517Member Member
    @mom23mangos Thank you. You gave me something to think about re: the stronger back. I guess when you’re trying to lose inches all over, having trouble buttoning your shirt seems like I’m going backwards. ☹️
  • quiksylver296quiksylver296 Posts: 26,102Member Member Posts: 26,102Member Member
    I had to totally change the types of shirts I buy. Lats and biceps prevent some styles.
  • magnusthenerdmagnusthenerd Posts: 1,061Member Member Posts: 1,061Member Member
    It is kind of how clothes sizing works - most clothes are designed around average proportions at that size. Almost anytime I size something to fit my waist, the measurement on chest and arms or calves, thighs, and hips will be off.
    Some clothes will have an athletic fit style which will change the cut some.
  • deputy_randolphdeputy_randolph Posts: 843Member Member Posts: 843Member Member
    If the problem is shirts...just go sleevless which helps, b/c your shoulders (rear delts especially) and lats are probably both causing the tight fit.

    I wear sleeveless shirts with a stretchy cardigan (unbuttoned) to's basically my uniform. It's professional enough for my job.

    Also a wider back will make your waist look smaller...just find a work around for clothes.
  • jeagogojeagogo Posts: 157Member, Premium Member Posts: 157Member, Premium Member
    I love my strong back, but definitely sympathize with the challenge of fitting clothes. I've never been able to wear fitted button down shirts because of my chest, though, so I've always preferred oversized or boxy cut button down shirts in flowy fabrics like rayon and silk - those at least fit just fine with a wider back.
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