What is the most disturbing thing that society accepts as a normal behaviour?



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    The way female teenagers dress in the skimpiest cheerleader outfits in which is issued by their educators and then performing sexualized routines to the entire community during games. I’m not trying to sound prudish but people make a big deal about the sexualization of children yet it’s okay in situations as such which is an obvious excuse for males of all ages to gawk over teenage girls.

    And those same cheerleaders will get a dress code violation showing up for class if their shoulders aren't covered or their shorts aren't fingertip length.
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    jm_1234 wrote: »
    Mr Healthy... I appreciate the response, my experiences do cause me to get a little riled up about this topic. And I agree there is a good amount of males fighting to keep the status quo. Let's hope the scales are never balanced in terms of abuse, unless it is at zero for everyone.

    Peace to you my friend, I wish you the best... ✌🏼
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    Allowing grown adults to throw a tantrum or act like a dick but being okay with it because it was their alter ego (insert name here) making them act that way.
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    Parents avoiding any conversation about puberty, menstruation, bodily changes, sex, etc, with their children until years too late.

    I know this still happens, and that's what I'm referring to.

    But I hope it happens less than in my day (Gen X). Seriously had to explain all this stuff to 80% of my female friends when we were in middle school, and let my mom fill in the gaps because all of their moms were horrified to even mention childbirth or using pads. Ridiculous.

    I remember when my father had "The talk" with me...

    I was 16 and it more or less had been avoided up to a point where he realized he couldn't avoid it anymore 😂...

    He looked at me and simply said... "YOU BETTER NOT BE DOING ANYTHING STUPID!!" 😂...

    That was all the talk I needed, although it didn't work 😂...
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    Getting your "money's worth" at a buffet restaurant...gluttony I guess for the sake of a dollar value.

    I've had people say it's not worth it for me to go to a buffet, because I'm a vegetarian and also probably won't eat 3 plates of food.

    To me it's still "worth it" for the variety and getting to pick what I want.

    Lol I feel attacked. But this is why I avoid buffets.... because I need to overeat there.
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    Pineapple on Canadian bacon pizza. 🙄
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    Using avocado as a condiment. 🤮🤮🤮🤮
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    Sexism, objectification, and double standards... against men

    (examples, see Joe Rogan's Strange Times stand-up on Netflix)

    I think we already have enough advantages...

    And I think I speak for most guy when I say "Objectify me Baby 😏" ... 😂

    No, you don't speak for most guys. That line of thought is ignorant, dangerous, and part of the problem. We have enough advantages so objectify me? That doesn't even make sense.

    If it's not appropriate for a man to say they will "ogle someone's fake boobs", then it isn't for a woman/lesbian/etc... And if it isn't appropriate for a man to grab a woman by the p---- or feel up their chests then it isn't for a woman to grab men's c---- and feel up men's chests. As a man, this stuff happened to me multiple times per month when I would go to bars - sexual battery is NEVER ok and it is a natural result of objectification.

    Like the OP's topic, this is one of the most disturbing things society accepts as normal.

    What kind of bars were you going to??

    ...... and can I have the address?
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    Using avocado as a condiment. 🤮🤮🤮🤮

    You live in New Jersey, lieutenant; what do you know about surfing?

    Charlie don’t Surf !!

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    Pineapple on Canadian bacon pizza. 🙄

    Post Reported.
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    Another from the Gen X files: Raising up females to believe they can't do repairs of any sort and not teaching them the several tricks to open jars that are stuck. I still see it. Women at the gas station who don't know how to put air in their tires or change their air filter. Imma show you. It takes 5 minutes.

    I theoretically know how to change a tire, oil, put air in the tires but I’ve never actually had to do it. I’m torn between thinking it’s learned helplessness or that delegating is an equally important skill.