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SlytherinSnakeQueenSlytherinSnakeQueen Member Posts: 148 Member Member Posts: 148 Member
Starting weight: 191 lbs
Current Weight: 152
Goal Weight: 125-130 lbs


These pictures are from over the last 4 years. I lost some weight (picture 1 to 2) then stopped and starting putting it back on and losing again and gaining over the last couple of years. Picture 2 is pretty much what I looked like for the last couple of years (about 159ish). Last picture is after a month of consistent logging again and running almost every day. I definitely can see how I have slimmed out some over the last month even though I have only gone down 7 lbs (mostly water weight).


  • debtay123debtay123 Member Posts: 1,281 Member Member Posts: 1,281 Member
    Girl you are rockin this thang!!!! love it- you are doing awesome- keep it up- congrat!!!!!!
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