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Tightening up and Excess Skin after significant weight loss

jalapenojojalapenojo Posts: 2Member Member Posts: 2Member Member
Hi guys,

Genuine question that I’d love advice on from anyone who’s come out on the other side of this, or is just super-knowledgeable in this area.

I’ve lost 4st (56lbe) in the last two years through Slimming World and exercise. I’m finally almost at my goal weight (since age 19), and my fitness is the best it’s been in years, but... two kids down and at 42 (and now single), I’m not willing to start dressing in sack cloths just yet! My goal is to look good in a bikini (I’ve never had the confidence or figure to wear one), and wear it with confidence!

But... super-embarrassing (so please be gentle with me 🙏) I still have a handful of flab around my tummy. I also have quite a few stretchmarks on my tummy too, as well a few other less-than-ideal areas 😳

Are there any exercises that will reduce fat around my tum or any creams/treatments that actually work and will also help to tone and smooth my abdomen?

Is a tummy tuck the only option for real results? I’ve seen a big difference in other areas that look much more toned and defined now, but very little in the dreaded stomach area. I’m reluctant to go under the knife, let alone the expense, but I so want to just be truly happy with my appearance for the first time ever.

Or finally, should I just give up and accept that at 42, I’ve missed the boat and am never destined to wear a bikini?

Thanks in advance!



  • AnnPT77AnnPT77 Posts: 13,696Member Member Posts: 13,696Member Member
    The above was pretty my experience, too, after losing around 50 pounds at age 59-60. My loose skin tightened up a great deal in maintenance, continuing well into year 2 of maintenance. Now, year 4+ of maintenance, I don't think I look appreciably different from other women my age (64) who've always been slim.

    Keep in mind that a person's skin sack can't really even start shrinking until the fat it contains is reduced enough to stop conspiring with gravity to keep it stretched, then the shrinking is a slow process in itself. (Yes, I know that's frustrating!).

    Skin is an organ, like any other body organ. The best things you can do for your long term appearance in terms of skin elasticity and shrinkage a pretty much the same things that keep other organs healthy: Get reasonably well-rounded overall nutrition, get exercise (cardiovascular and strength), avoid overdoing things like tobacco and alcohol, hydrate adequately. There is likely a genetic component, but you have some ability to make the situation relatively better or relatively worse. You already did a good thing by not losing at a crazy-fast rate (because fast loss puts more physical stress on all the organs, counter to your goal of healthy skin and other organs).

    Most sensible doctors would have you wait quite some time after weight loss for a tummy tuck, anyway - I've at least heard a year. You may find that you look better in a year, and even beyond, without expensive surgery. Sending wishes that you find it so!
  • jalapenojojalapenojo Posts: 2Member Member Posts: 2Member Member
    Thank you so much @rainbow198 and @AnnPT77, I really appreciate your kind comments, and well done on your massive weight losses too! You've both given me sage advice, and it's so great to hear you've both come out the other side successfully. It's good to know I might not have to go down the surgery route. I know it's not a significant enough weight loss (luckily) to be left with loads of excess skin, but I do feel self-conscious. It would be lovely to have the icing on the cake (or not!) and be able to rock a bikini fo the first time with confidence. I'd love to know if Bio-Oil also does work. I'm so skeptical and fortunate enough to be able to treat myself now and again, but I can't afford to waste loads of money on treatments or products that don't work.
  • got2bjbgot2bjb Posts: 9Member Member Posts: 9Member Member
    Here is my issue. ive lost 80lbs and my face is now looking horribly old!I am 50 and look like 60! any ideas ? Yes, I drink a LOT of water and do my very best nutrition wise. Will my skin tighten up on my face? IDK!
  • tcunbelievertcunbeliever Posts: 7,634Member Member Posts: 7,634Member Member
    It took about 2 years after losing weight for my skin to tighten up, so if you just got to goal, give it some time.

    If the extra skin is still too much after a couple years, then check out surgical options.
  • GeminiLady159GeminiLady159 Posts: 59Member Member Posts: 59Member Member
    I’m the meantime, till the 1-2 years of maintenance- rock a bikini anyway!! I was going to suggest a high-waisted style- there are some stylish ones now. But find one you love and own it!!
  • RCPVRCPV Posts: 381Member Member Posts: 381Member Member
    @jalapenojo, What about a one piece that looks like a bikini with mesh inserts or a monokini that covers the front?

  • MaltedTeaMaltedTea Posts: 193Member, Premium Member Posts: 193Member, Premium Member
    When I saw this thread yesterday, I wanted to say "F&%k the stretch marks and wear whatever you want anyway" but thought it crass lol Remember too that surgical options can leave scars (which may also take 1-2 years to heal, if at all).

    All the suggestions provided can help you overcome your insecurities but will you? Sounds like you've done SO MUCH great work already. Please don't let two flimsy pieces of stretchy fabric get you down!
  • RCPVRCPV Posts: 381Member Member Posts: 381Member Member
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