What helps you stay on track

Aside from the obvious goals, what helps you stay on track? Some days I get so annoyed that I’m struggling with my weight ( because I use to be fit as f***) so I just think f*** it and cave in to everything. I find music helps me get motivated, especially when I see something like Jlo and Shakiras Super Bowl performance and I’m like yeah I wanna be like that 😂, but I still struggle! I can manage my calorie counting fine it’s almost like I just get a *kitten* attitude over it and need to find more ways to keep myself on track every day. I have a goal of 25kg so I really need to be sticking to this long term


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    I had to adjust my thinking to long term vs. getting wrapped up in the weekly trip-ups. If I stop tracking over the weekend, oh well, back at it on Monday. MFP being free has been a game changer for me. With WW I would grgg Th so angry at myself for messing up which would turn into a full-0n derailment. With MVP the pressure to “get my money’s worth” somehow I’d making it Rae it the follow a keep with it.
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    The challenges forum on this website. In my opinion it's the best feature (I use another app for counting kilojoules). Loseit and electrical-discharge-many-humans* don't come close to the challenges forum.

    *As a direct competitor to mfp I'm not sure if I'm allowed to post its name. But the culture there is quite different. I have converted the name to equivalent words.
  • If i mess up a little... then so be it. Get over it and move on. Being too hard on yourself i think sets you up for failure. :)
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    Great question OP! Hope lots of people reply with different answers.

    I use a few different techniques:
    1) I read the Beck Diet Solution book which deals with the mental side of dieting, so employ some techniques from that such as writing 'worth it' cards to remind myself of specific examples of the benefits i've had from losing weight or resisting a temptation. So i'll dig those out. Similarly brain or physical techniques from that philosophy to use when tempted
    2) Looking at photos of when i'm out in the mountains trekking (my main motivation for wanting to be fit and healthy), or opening my weight-time graph to remind myself how far i've come.
    3) Trying to zoom out and see that the bigger long-term picture of how i want myself to be is more important to me than the temptation in front of me
    4) Looking at forums like this to remind me that lots of people are facing the same challenges
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    For me its logging, day in, day out. Keeps me accountable and on track over time. Calorie cycling allows for "life" but balances out overall. Has helped stopped me from thinking "I've blown it" & giving in for days, weeks or even months, as I have in the past.
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    At age 55, #1 is my overall health. Along with that, seeing significant changes in my body that I haven't seen in almost 20 years though weight training. My mind is completely different then I was in my 30s. This time, I KNOW I can do this long term.
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    I guess for me it just comes down to priorities and attitude. I absolutely <3 love being fit and healthy. It brings great joy to my life. And the path to fitness and health for me has not been one of extreme deprivation, punishment or torture. It's a long haul for sure, a life-long journey that requires patience and perseverance at times, but It's actually been pleasant. It feels good to work towards a goal. It's so much better than the alternative - feeling sluggish, heavy and tired all the time - that I can't imagine not wanting to stay the course. I guess that's what keeps me on track.

    P.S. I eat cake, too, so it's not about going without. Living a sustainable lifestyle is key, and overly harsh and restrictive methods DO NOT last. I am not a fan of fad diets. (Fad diets are just so full of fail.) You gotta be willing to do something forever or the results are not going to last. I'm also one of those lucky people who gets a nice runner's high, so exercise feels awesome to me. (<--- That helps me earn the cake. ;) )
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    A lot of mine have already been said. I have chronic pain and was bedridden, weight loss and working out have made me more mobile and the thought of losing ground scares the heck out of me! My diabetes is in remission, backsliding would mean going back on medication. I'm well enough to take college classes again.

    Logging everything has become a habit, it feels weird to not log at this point! I'm at goal now but know how easy it would be to loosely log and gain back weight.

    Exercise daily means I sleep better, feel better mentally and physically, and increases mobility. Like you I'm motivated by music, the more I'm procrastinating the faster I put in one of my workout playlists to get me psyched. I have playlists for each type of exercise I do, if something goes wrong and I don't have music i can't get through my workout, especially cardio! I also started an exercise journal where I check off boxes for workouts completed, those check marks are addicting! I'm in a group that includes working toward habits where you also check off boxes. I was really mad when I strained muscles and had to leave boxes unchecked to heal!