Red Velvet Cake

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Hi, friends. I'm thinking about making a small red velvet cake in a heart shaped pan for DH for valentines. Red velvet is his favorite. I've never made one before. He's in a calorie deficit (and counting) these days so a sugar free version would help (both of us). I did a search, and the hits were from 2011 so I thought it was worth putting it out there again.

.... thinking of this recipe.
I think half the recipe will fill my small pan. With cream cheese frosting, of course. Anyone have a recipe they've tried and like?

P.S. I've adapted several normal recipes, even ones that start with creaming butter & sugar, and they usually work out ok. DH abhors artificial sugar taste, but I have been able to deceive him in muffins. I think the ingredient that delivers the strongest sweet taste with the least aftertaste is "SucraDrops" sucralose concentrated drops. For a strong sweet taste, I use ~20 drops per 1c flour/1 egg in recipes. Or 1-3 drops per serving (1 is subtle, 2 mild, 3 strong). Sometimes I use 1 TBS vanilla flavored sucralose syrup+8-9 drops per 1c flour/1egg to minimize aftertaste from any one product. I totally avoid dry formulations that attempt 1:1 replacement for granulated (or powdered) sugar because I taste (and dislike) the maltodextrin used to dilute it. Generally, I think the most concentrated formulation has the least aftertaste.

P.P.S. We're celebrating our love with tacos and beer. Tacos and beer so good it's not worth scrimping calories on them. So I'm willing to scrimp on cake.