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30 kgs for the summer



  • jenncornelsenjenncornelsen Posts: 957Member Member Posts: 957Member Member
    I appreciate your spunk. And who doesn't want to lose 20lbs in a month! Sounds too good to be true! I've done it, but well we know how the story goes, i gained back 30, and here I am again, this time trying desperately to find a plan I can stick with for life. Also now maintaining my hard earned muscle mass matters big time! Whats weird is I still fall into the old mentality of oh I should try and lose 10lbs this month! Old habits die hard i guess. We get so focused on the scale, what would it be like to shift that to being the healthiest version of you possible? Just a thought, you motivation is honestly inspiring
  • 30kggoal30kggoal Posts: 8Member Member Posts: 8Member Member
    I understand, everyone, I really do. And again, I appreciate the insightful feeback.

    But 1,5kg/week is really what you lose in the first couple of weeks when you are 90kg, 30kg overweight and eating junkie food all the time. Your body feels the change in your habits and responds to it.

    After that, I’m fully aware that the weight loss will slown down, that some weeks I’ll lose 1kg, some weeks 0,5kg and some weeks I’ll lose nothing. And that’s why I said that you shouldn’t worry. When these weeks come, I have no intention of eating less than 1500 calories or exercising more to reach the 30kg mark.

    However, as I said, having a big goal motivates me. And that’s why I set it. Will I lose 30kg in the next 5 months? Maybe not. But the closest I get to this number, the better.

    Also, when I said that I would eat around 1500 calories and burn around 400 in exercise, these are also approximate numbers. It wouldn’t bother me if some day I ate 1750 and burned only 250, for example. On weekends, most likely my calorie intake will be higher and my exercise minimal.

    Maybe the issue here is that you read everything I wrote like it was set in stone, when it really wasn’t. I can see why you did that, as I wrote my first comment in a hurry and didn’t go into much detail. Also, you don’t know me.

    The bottom line is, don’t take these numbers too seriously. I will do this on a day by day basis, with my big goal ahead of me keeping me on track.
  • Nony_MouseNony_Mouse Posts: 5,110Member Member Posts: 5,110Member Member
    Okay, this sounds far more reasonable, and I'm really happy to hear it :). We can only go by the words you've written, which is what we were doing. You will most likely have a bigger loss the first couple of weeks, as you say, because it's pretty normal to lose a chunk of water weight at the beginning.
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