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Ranting blah blah

JustineJCOJustineJCO Posts: 8Member Member Posts: 8Member Member
I wanna lose weight so bad but I have no motivation or support at home. Mfp friends are great but it's not enough motivation to keep me focused on my goal. I don't have support from my husband he can care less if lose weight or not. I have zero friends🤷. I wanna lose weight so my clothes can fit better but I guess that's not a real reason to lose weight so I guess that's why I'm not that motivated ☹️ I also wanna be healthier for my kids. When I say I'm going to do something, I do it but this seems like something I can't do ugh. 😣😒


  • Be_theBest_MeBe_theBest_Me Posts: 21Member Member Posts: 21Member Member
    Instead of looking for motivation from the people you love. Be there motivation. My fam is the same way. To get them working out with me and eating healthier with me. I get em playing. Capture the flag, hide and seek, short foot races. Make up ball games with tag included. I make healthy food fun. If they can play while eating they will eat anything! Changing your habits as a family starts small!! If you can't get em on board then rock that journey for you sister!! This is my 3 journey by far the longest!! First two times I lost 100lbs within a year like it was nothing. Over the last 7 years I've gone up and down up and down. This time. No stopping once I got my goal!! Changing my life for good!! So I am the best me at 37 I can be!!! I can run faster and farther than my 16 year old self could I weigh 100lbs less than her too!! One small choice at a time!! You will get there!!
  • cmriversidecmriverside Posts: 29,522Member Member Posts: 29,522Member Member
    Life has all manner of things that can trip me up.

    Many years ago I lost my weight and I also quit drinking alcohol. As you can imagine there are lots of people who don't share my particular journey. Some do, but if I had waited to find only people who supported me in order to make these changes, I would have never gotten there. As it was I had to figure out how to navigate social occasions, food and alcohol "pushers," vacations, people in my life who still eat and drink in ways I don't, food at the office, birthdays, New Years Eve, parties, and every occasion where there is food or alcohol.

    What I choose to put in my own mouth is 100% on me. Always has been, always will be. My mouth, my hand.
  • stefgreen72stefgreen72 Posts: 96Member Member Posts: 96Member Member
    It’s up to you to be healthy. That’s just the truth. I don’t have anybody. I live alone in the middle of the woods. No gym nearby. It’s up to me. You have to want it and want it bad enough to make the change and do what is best for you. If you blame others for your bad habits your chances of success will probably be low. Believe me I know how difficult it is to face facts but you have to do it to understand what needs to change.
  • amtyrellamtyrell Posts: 1,328Member Member Posts: 1,328Member Member
    You can do this but You are the only one who can. Your husband ypur kids your friends they can't do it and if they support you or not can not change the outcome. You are the one who decides if you will do this or not.
  • NovusDiesNovusDies Posts: 6,659Member, Premium Member Posts: 6,659Member, Premium Member
    The first question when you are not feeling motivated is not how to get more motivation it is how to need less. Weight loss should not be one hard day after the next. It should be a lot of normal days and some hard days.

    What are you doing right now that you can make easier on yourself? Weight loss requires only that you eat less food than you burn each day. It does not require special kinds of food or especially restrictive behavior. It does not require speed. It does not require perfection. It only requires that most days you end up in some amount of calorie deficit.
  • hoppgeorgehoppgeorge Posts: 344Member Member Posts: 344Member Member
    I am sure you realize you can have all the support in the world, but your the one thats has to get up and do the work either way. Ya it can help. But you gotta be your own hero in your story! You gotta be so tired of your own excuses you don't want to hear them anymore. Im sorry if this is heavier than your looking for, it's the pep talk I give myself😉


    Discipline will be there long after the motivation goes away. It’s not easy and most days it’s just another part of a routine. I have finally accepted that I will always have to be aware of my habits and what I am putting in my mouth.

    We are all very good at justifying our failures and accepting those excuses. I had to realize that I was lying to myself and that I was making up excuses. I don’t like it when other people lie to me, what makes it ok for me to do to myself?

    It was a little hard advice like that which worked for me. You can do it! You owe it to yourself!!
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