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Just started my journey to lose 60 pounds

elsaebaslerelsaebasler Posts: 3Member, Premium Member Posts: 3Member, Premium Member
I just started my journey to lose 60 pounds. I have read so many inspiring stories and I am so happy to be part of this community. 🙌
On my recent visit to the doctor, I found out I gained 20 pounds 😭. I thought I was doing fine, but at that moment everything came into prospective. I gotta take my weight loss seriously. I was always athletic in my 20 and had a pretty healthy lifestyle, but after moving to Seattle from California everything kind a went down hill. I gained 20 pounds and the 20 more. And now I am taking control of my weight with this app. 🤗


  • jtce02jtce02 Posts: 58Member Member Posts: 58Member Member
    You got this! And having friends to encourage you helps a lot.

    Feel free to add me
  • osubengalsfan87osubengalsfan87 Posts: 11Member Member Posts: 11Member Member
    Hey! I kind of fell off the wagon a bit and am currently trying to lose 60-70 lbs. You can do this! Feel free to add me as I could use the support as well along this journey.
  • BiggyFuzzBiggyFuzz Posts: 476Member Member Posts: 476Member Member
    I lost 30, got another 30-40 to go ... let do this
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