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Hello need advice please

ashley_mullo155ashley_mullo155 Posts: 1Member Member Posts: 1Member Member
Hello all I am 24 I weigh 11st 8p I am 5 ft 2 my goal weight is 9st

So I excersize every single day and have done for 5 months now and I had my wisdom tooth taken out today and it’s been said I cannot excersize for at least a week but I really feel like I’m going to put weight on if I don’t excersize is it possible for me to still keep the weight off by not excersizing for this week I’m paranoid it’s going to mess up for this reason now


  • mysteps2beautymysteps2beauty Posts: 482Member Member Posts: 482Member Member
    This is a time to pay attention to your doctor/dentist. You want your wound to close completely and vigorous exercise may cause problems. And you probably are not going to eat much of anything substantive for a day or two. And you are not suppose to suck through a straw either.

    This is a time to practice another tool that you will need to make this a lifestyle. We all have bumps in the road to getting better health and to be a healthy size. Learn how to manage what you eat when you are NOT exercising. Eat your calories, but don't past it. Consider this as practicing how to stay at maintenance. Exercise if vital but you need to know how to take a break and still eat consistently at your calorie level. Considering walking.
  • BZAH10BZAH10 Posts: 5,502Member Member Posts: 5,502Member Member
    I agree with @mysteps2beauty. Take the time to heal properly. You'll be on liquids or soft foods for a few days, if not a week.

    If you're THAT reliant on exercise to lose weight or maintain your weight then it's time to make some adjustments. What if you get sick or injured? Plan for a lifetime of healthy habits.
  • sarabushbysarabushby Posts: 606Member Member Posts: 606Member Member
    You may find that the pain reduces your desire to workout as much anyway and that not training reduces your appetite.
    If you feel you MUST do something, why not some peaceful Yoga - proven to reduce blood pressure and stress and excellent for both physical and mental wellbeing.
    There’s a gazillion videos on YouTube if you’re not sure where to start.
  • SlayLikeAWarriorSlayLikeAWarrior Posts: 26Member Member Posts: 26Member Member
    Hi, you can still lose weight with exercising for the duration of your doctor's order. You will need to adjust your mfp goal to sedentary and eat the recommended calorie provided by mfp. Keep in mind roughly 85% of your weight loss will come from your diet and the rest is from physical activity. Also, keep in mind your body is still burning calories during rest. Please make sure not to eat below 1200 calorie or you will not be getting enough nutrients for your body.
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