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If you have scale anxiety, how would you feel about a scale with no display?

threewinsthreewins Posts: 304Member Member Posts: 304Member Member
I read about these now and then. For people with anxiety when they step on the scale, there is no display. They connect with your phone using WiFi or Bluetooth. You can find out your weight or just a general "your weight is stable", "you're slowly gaining" etc. Or you can ignore it and it won't tell you anything.

Cost would be $10-20 more than an equivalent scale without that ability. There would be no monthly/yearly fee.

The reason why I am asking is because I'd love to work on an electronics project like this. It would be for sale on a website like Amazon, and have a typical one year warranty.


  • PAV8888PAV8888 Posts: 6,520Member Member Posts: 6,520Member Member
    They already exist.
    Seems like a niche product.
    At least one person has come here looking for a way to actually find out their weight.
    I may be mis-remembering? But paging @ahoy_m8
  • snickerscharliesnickerscharlie Posts: 8,466Member Member Posts: 8,466Member Member
    ^^ Best solution if it's something you want to try.
  • sammidelvecchiosammidelvecchio Posts: 766Member Member Posts: 766Member Member
    I heard about this idea on a pod cast I listen to. he idea was covering the scale with a piece of tape and letting your scale talk to your trending app or MFP and then you going to get the info when you are ready to see it.

    I don't think I would pay extra for a scale that purposefully didn't show me the weight though, and I wouldn't want any notifications at all. I would want it recorded and then to leave me alone until I am ready to look at the information myself.
  • lemurcat2lemurcat2 Posts: 4,475Member Member Posts: 4,475Member Member
    I would find that kind of scale way more stressful than a normal scale.

    I did have scale anxiety for a long time, and what helped me with it was actually weighing all the time so I learned that the number would move about and not overreact to it. I also found not weighing when I was obese part of a kind of denial that I tend to be prone too -- I of course knew I was obese, but felt so much shame related to that that I didn't want to think about it, and that served to magnify the shame. Eventually getting on the scale and seeing the number and now having it be a concrete thing I could deal with was very important for me. Weighing and having the number available somewhere or known to others but not me or whatever would have been so much worse.
  • NovusDiesNovusDies Posts: 6,659Member, Premium Member Posts: 6,659Member, Premium Member
    I do not think that would have fixed my relationship with the scale. I needed to learn to evaluate my weight loss through NSVs and not numbers by not weighing much at all. After that I needed to see the math over and over again to know once and for all that upticks on the scale were not related to fat weight gain by weighing each day. It took doing both to fix me.

    The other problem I see with this is that a weight trending app has told me I was gaining weight even when I was losing on the default settings. It did not allow for my very large and prolonged water retention. I chose not to try and figure it out and decided to stop using it. I have my own system that keeps me completely relaxed even right now when I am almost 10 pounds too high on the scale.
  • elisa123galelisa123gal Posts: 3,721Member Member Posts: 3,721Member Member
    Just use tight clothing as your gauge .. I do that when I don't want to weigh. I've gone back and forth over the years. Right now I don't feel like weighing, so I try on my tight jeans a few times a week to make sure they're fitting better each week...then I know I'm losing. I do it with blouses too.

    The scale isn't going to make you more successful.. it is just doing something that keeps a measure on your progress.. .pick your poison. :)
  • ahoy_m8ahoy_m8 Posts: 1,918Member Member Posts: 1,918Member Member
    PAV8888 wrote: »
    They already exist.
    Seems like a niche product.
    At least one person has come here looking for a way to actually find out their weight.
    I may be mis-remembering? But paging @ahoy_m8

    Hiya. Good memory PAV! Cheçk out Personally, I’m a numbers person, and it frustrates me that the app provides so little data. I’m obviously not the target market. But hubby uses it.
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