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Regaining control of your life with the help of MFP friends

JEHUXHAOUJEHUXHAOU Posts: 4Member Member Posts: 4Member Member
Hi! I am a 5'3, introvert, female law student who regained almost all the weight I have lost 3 years ago.
In 2016, I was 235.5lbs (105kgs). By the end of 2017, I lost 90 lbs (41 kgs). Ever since entering law school, I stopped using MFP and gradually regained almost all the weight I lost due to stress eating. I started using MFP again around the end of January 2020, and have successfully lost 14lbs so far. (From 216 lbs, now 202.2 lbs).
I have decided to take control of my life once again, but this time, I plan to be active in the MFP community. Looking for fitness/accountabuddies hahaha Let's motivate and help out each other! Feel free to add me as a friend :)
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