So cold I feel like I might freeze to death!



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    I’m so sorry you are experiencing this. I absolutely know what you are talking about. It doesn’t really matter what I’ve weighed, but from about high school on I have experienced this anytime it’s too cold for my liking. Nobody seems to understand how much pain it causes me to be too cold.

    Me too. I'm hypothyroid and arthritic. Even though I'm medicated, cold is horrible to me. I wear a thick robe at home if it's not summer.
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    This is actually something I am looking forward to! I am always overheated (especially since my last massive weight gain) and am in the process of losing weight after WLS and I’m so excited to be cold again! I hate the heat, I hate being hot and sweaty and I love winter clothes and big jumpers and wooly scarves. I’m really hoping that I experience this to some extent, because being constantly sweaty is embarrassing.

    That said, I do sympathise with you struggling with the cold. I imagine it is similar to my struggle with heat and I hope your body adapts soon so you can be comfortable. And congrats on the weight loss!
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    I recommend a USB hand warmer like this one:

    Don't think "That's just for hands; my whole body is freezing". This little thing does a great job of making you feel warm all over.

    Granted, as a person with the odious Raynaud's Syndrome, I have extra reason to use one, but most of the time I'm not using it for cold hands but rather to warm up my core.

    This particular one has three settings and the top one is very hot. No amount of blankets, sweatshirts or even thermostat fiddling can substitute for 10 minutes with this thing. It really makes you feel warm and toasty.
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    btkdiva wrote: »
    Silk Underwear! Honestly, invest in some nice silk underwear and wear that as your base layer. I purchased one white and one black silk turtleneck from a retailer located in Maine a few years ago and they are still wonderful. Usually kind of pricey but they do go on sale. Really worth the investment.

    I am also cold ALL THE TIME. I live in Philly, but grew up in Minneapolis. I think it has gotten worse since I have lost weight. I am fairly lean now. I also have Raynaud's disease which is where the blood vessels leading to your fingers and toes are restricted so there is terrible circulation in your fingers and toes and they turn white and go numb very easily.

    I just invested in silk long underwear from LL Bean and am very excited to try. It was about $100 for the set but my husband has them and raves. Also, I love how thin they are because I like to wear tight clothes with my new trim body and I don't want to look all bulky! I'm too vain - I also wear prefer to wear a cute coat which isn't my warmest coat so I really am to blame for some of this. And don't let me even start on what a hat does to my hair!
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    I've always been cold-natured. I don't mind it as I can always wear extra layers. HEAT is far less comfortable as there are only so many clothes you can take off!!

    I love the winter - love the cold. I think I am in the minority though.
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    I'm usually cold when I'm losing weight, and then when I'm maintaining I go back to normal. I think the suggestions to get iron tested is good advice. Also, if you had your thyroid tested by TSH just be aware that isn't a thyroid test. You need at minimum a Free T3 to test your thyroid.
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    Down 63 lbs and I am freezing all the time. I live in California so it isn't the snow that is doing it 😉
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    Anyone else with similar and then it got better after your body adapted to the fat loss? I am not sure I can do this for the rest of my life. Winters are several months long and I am even cold in the summer. Any other thoughts or advice?

    I'm in the Midwest and have been unusually cold this winter, probably due to more wind in a drafty house. But I might have less fat insulation as well...

    When some years ago I was ill for a prolonged time in the summer and lost a lot of weight fast, I was freezing in August...

    By my internal thermostat has never worked right and so I lose adaptation to the cold very easily even when I was much younger. Visiting relatives in the winter would make me freeze the rest of the winter, because they kept the room temperature so high and outside temp was much higher than at home. I would avoid going into those warm shelters while waiting for a bus because I would just feel so much colder if I did.

    If you adapted well to the cold when you were younger, though, the odds are that you will get it back once your body has adjusted to there being less of you.
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    I've been in a deficit of varying degrees since January 2019. Starting at obese and currently nearly at goal of midpoint of healthy BMI range.

    I was freezing cold all the time for most of my deficit and I thought it was an inevitable consequence of getting smaller. I was totally shocked when I started eating at either maintenance or in a very small deficit (0.5lb per week) when I stopped having issues with coldness.

    Whenever I don't eat enough for any reason now I feel very cold again. So for me this was clearly an issue of simply not having enough calories to keep warm - this may or may not apply to you, I wouldn't like to guess. I eat at 2000+ calories now and have no issues.
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    I'm cold all the time, no matter what my weight is... I'd just assumed it was WISCONSIN. :P I have a heated mattress pad and smaller heating pads stashed in all my "sitting still" spots. I wear clothes under my clothes for most of the year, and can honestly say that my treadmill desk is the best purchase since I moved here. Just moving a little while I do my emails and computering seems to help keep my body temperature workable. I don't have to go super fast on the treadmill to stay warm. 1mph is enough - it's the movement that seems to keep things circulating well and my body from packing it in. Those little under desk peddlers also seem to help with circulation, if not actual calorie burn, if the ratings are anything to go on. :) I'm pretty close to hitting maintenance and will likely be increasing my calories shortly, but anticipate still being pretty cold, but not as bad as before. I can report back in a few months, but by then it will be summer... ;-)

    There are a number of vitamin and hormone deficiencies (I'm looking at you iron.) that can also make you feel a bit colder. I have many of them, so I don't anticipate too much improvement. That said, you may want to look into your known chronic issues and see if any of the symptoms match up. Eating at deficit can help you lose weight, but it can also exacerbate nutritional deficiencies that used to be mild and less noticeable.

    I lived both in Kenosha and Milwaukee for 7 years total, and I've been COLDER in Ohio than I ever was in Wisconsin. I've also done water fasting down here and not up there, which can change your metabolism. Keep warm, mama :) spring is as almost here!
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    Whether I am at goal weight or overweight, I am usually always cold when the temperature is below 80. My usually body temperature is 95-96 degrees Farenheit. That’s why I can never leave Cali.

    Everyone is built differently. I know many lean people who are always hot, so I’m not sure how much weight plays a role in this.