1 stone weight loss

Looking to lose 1 stone over a reasonable time period preferably July at the latest ,

I am monitoring what I eat using the calorie counter on here and keep below 1700 with an aim for 1200
I just do not seem to be moving this last stone , I walk the basic 20000 steps a day ,


  • robburry582
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    Feel free to add
  • donaldmackay12
    donaldmackay12 Posts: 125 Member
    Still working hard on this , damn Xmas and covid 😊
  • annliz23
    annliz23 Posts: 3,525 Member
    My last stone is also proving stubborn but I am increasing my weight exercise and steps! Good luck.
  • zheother
    zheother Posts: 28 Member
    I'd agree with tinkerbellang83, 1200 kcal seems way to low, especially with 20000 steps a day, that is roughly 900 kcal burned. 500 kcal deficit from your maintenance should be more than enough combined with your walks to lose that 1 stone in a a month or so.