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Learning discipline is amazing

OAS5 Posts: 376 Member
edited February 2020 in Health and Weight Loss
It's absolutely astounding to me the discipline i have learned or aquirred in losing weight over the last year and half. Two examples.
When we go out to eat and I eat half of my meal and we have other leftovers i used to eat the leftovers as soon as we got home. Not anymore, now sometimes the food gets thrown away because I forget about it even being in there. I would have eaten the leftovers as soon I walked in the door and then had another meal. That doesn't happen anymore at all.
The other is yesterday we went to a great mom and pop grocery store/Bakery and got awesome donuts and cookies. I had not one cookie yet and a quarter of a donut. Back before, the donuts would be almost gone and one package of cookies. I'm quite proud of how i turned that all around. Discipline is tough to gain so yeah, I'm proud of it.


  • Lietchi
    Lietchi Posts: 6,460 Member
    Quite frankly, I've been surprised at my own discipline with regards to respecting my calorie goal :smile:
    Not to mention the vast array of snacks I can now have in the house without succumbing to temptation.
    It's a great confidence boost!
  • H_Ock12
    H_Ock12 Posts: 1,152 Member
    Yes!!! Once you master discipline, everything else follows along!
  • lgfrie
    lgfrie Posts: 1,449 Member
    I've been very surprised at the ongoing discipline I've managed to (mostly) maintain since starting my diet in May 2019. I've also been equally surprised at the occasional spontaneous breakdowns of discipline when some binge trigger goes off in my brain and all hell breaks loose - even after telling myself I'm grown beyond that and am in a new place, food and habit wise. I'm less self-congratulatory about my diet discipline these days, and more focused on constant vigilance and not letting my good scale numbers cause overconfidence and chutzpah.