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Lose 5lbs + in March 2020

SamanthaLouiseMenceSamanthaLouiseMence Member Posts: 665 Member Member Posts: 665 Member
Ready for another month :)

Anyone can join or leave whenever they like. This is a friendly competition!
Please be respectful of others, help each other and offer advice if it’s asked for, and celebrate with each other on every achievement. We are all doing this together after all :)
Post as often or as little as you like. Share whatever you like so long as it’s relevant lol. Recipes, new workouts etc.

Use this format for your weigh ins so we can all see and cheer you on or boosts you up.... whichever is needed :

Original starting weight -
March starting weight -
March l goal -
Ultimate goal -

1st -
14th -
21st -
28th -

Total loss for March -

This one is just an example. Change it to fit your weigh in days.

Have fun, and good luck for March

Let’s smash it :D xx
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  • AllyNorthAllyNorth Member Posts: 46 Member Member Posts: 46 Member
    Yes please!
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