Things you can't do?



  • cmsienk
    cmsienk Posts: 10,304 Member
    Haggle.... It makes me uncomfortable and I'm really bad at it
  • lx1x
    lx1x Posts: 38,206 Member
    Read minds . 😑
  • Peachesand_cream
    Peachesand_cream Posts: 594 Member
    edited July 2021
    Reach the top shelf

    Is ok, I don't need hugs...I can crawl up under most things
  • strangeanimal55
    strangeanimal55 Posts: 87 Member
    I can't whistle. I can't snap my fingers. I can't French braid my hair.
  • Doug_T
    Doug_T Posts: 133 Member anything. I've seen 4 year olds with better skills.
  • Ironwoman1111
    Ironwoman1111 Posts: 3,913 Member
    I just can’t
  • slimgirljo15
    slimgirljo15 Posts: 270,433 Member
    Sing well.
  • Sweet_A
    Sweet_A Posts: 7,604 Member
  • Run. (reconstructed foot plus J cup boobs.)

    Enjoy socializing the way neurotypical people do.

    Watch movies. They don't make sense and comedy is just people being mean to each other.
  • tinaBawesome
    tinaBawesome Posts: 92 Member
    My husband hates that word: CAN'T - he says everything CAN be done, period. Well.....he doesn't know me well at all! 😆
  • Finishiitnow
    Finishiitnow Posts: 894 Member
  • nossmf
    nossmf Posts: 3,707 Member
    This white boy can't dance and can't jump.
  • slimgirljo15
    slimgirljo15 Posts: 270,433 Member
    Backflip into the pool like I used to.. getting older sucks 😔
  • Finishiitnow
    Finishiitnow Posts: 894 Member
    Forget that man that I met here. We are better alone but the "what about if" will run in my head for many more years.
    💞 Sending you love J
  • KosmosKitten
    KosmosKitten Posts: 10,476 Member
    ... I can't fold a fitted sheet to save my life. I mean, I can "fold" it, but it will never be pretty or flat like it was when I purchased it.