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theclaw900theclaw900 Posts: 306Member, Premium Member Posts: 306Member, Premium Member
I've had a long hiatus from MFP I was was maintaining or close to it, for a few years. Now I'm interested more in body comp since I'm 2lbs +/- of my goal weight. I am a PREMIUM user and I'm setting my macros by day. However, it's not M/T/W/T/F etc. It's a "Non-Training Day" or a "Training Day". Is there a way to rename the days of the week?



  • RobAS355RobAS355 Posts: 16Member, Premium Member Posts: 16Member, Premium Member
    Maintain the same macros. Training days and rest days. If bulking you'll need the macros for energy while training and on rest days you'll require the macros for your body to recover.

    I go through bulking and cutting cycles and I never change my macros up on a day to day basis.

    Hope this helps
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