Breaking a plateau...

DaveyGravy Posts: 283 Member just the best feeling ever!

I'd been the same weight for the past FIVE weigh ins and was starting to lose motivation a little, but then changing up a few things resulted in 2lb loss this week, i'm back on the horse...woooo!


  • qtgonewild
    qtgonewild Posts: 1,930 Member
    Congratulations. Break on through to the other side!!!!
  • louisemallas
    louisemallas Posts: 59 Member
    Well done! However, all changes made to break the plateau would be gratefully received if you could post them here for when we need them, lol
  • DaveyGravy
    DaveyGravy Posts: 283 Member
    Lol actually I used to hammer the treadmill all of the time and my results stopped, then on the advice of the gym staff switched to the Vario machine, not expecting it to do anything, but already seen that it is making a difference! I guess my body just got used to me working out the same way all the diet hasn't changed or anything, though.
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