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My Weight Loss Journey!

jfanoljfanol Posts: 1Member Member Posts: 1Member Member
I used to weigh 390lbs at the start of 2015. I decided to have Bariatric Surgery specifically the Sleeve to help me lose weight because I’ve been fighting an excruciating battle with Chronic Pain Syndrome since I was 20yrs I old. I was diagnosed with Slinal Stenosis when I was 12yrs old and by the time I was 20 they told me 5 Herniated Discs & a Degenerative Spine diseases as well as several other Spine related problems which together caused an extremely rare Pain Level that roughyly on 75M people go through. That’s less than 1% of the world’s Population. Anyway in 2015 I had weight loss surgery and after 4 months I lost 100lbs. I went from 390-225 in 2yrs. Then i slowly gained some weight back until I fluctuated between 235-244lbs. In the past year I really struggled with my diet. I basically ate whatever I wanted then I tried some diets but nothing worked. Last month I got up to 260Lbs and that terrified me because I refuse to be that obese person again. So I Just started seeing a Nutritionist & she put together a plan for me. I was already eating enough protein but way too much carbs & Sugar. In November I quit sweets except for holidays and lost some only to gain it back. Now I’m eating 1,750 Calories a day. Today I weighed in at 242.6lbs which is awesome! The plan from my nutritionist is working. Now if only I could find the motivation to begin working out again. I did 3-4x a week for a year but I haven’t been in nearly 11 months. The problem with my diet and with eating Heathy in general is that it can be VERY Expensive which is ridiculous. It shouldn’t cost so much to eat healthy. My Protein Bars & Shakes cost way too much. I just started eating One’s Protein Bars & I love them. But they cost $25 for a box of 12 Bars on Amazon. & I eat 1-2 per day so that’s about 3 boxes a month. My diet may be expensive but I’m seeing results which is Amazing. My Goal is to get down to at least 225-230lbs at keep it off for life. In the last 6yrs I’ve Quit several addictions including Cigarettes(13yrs 2-3pks per day) Caffeine, & Sweets. I’ve also been Sober for 9yrs. So my strength & willpower are insanely high. I will always keep fighting to live a healthy life.


  • ossentiaossentia Posts: 86Member Member Posts: 86Member Member
    You're doing great. Take it day by day. You'll find the motivation to exercise when you're ready. Until then, stick to your calorie counts. Great job so far!
  • kmiller2350kmiller2350 Posts: 28Member, Premium Member Posts: 28Member, Premium Member
    You are transforming yourself and inspiring me. You deserve to walk proudly because you've conquered a lot! Being sober 9 years and quitting cigarettes are both extremely difficult. Add to that all the other work you've done AND your weight loss? Awesome sandwich! Remember your successes when you get discouraged, but keep your eye on the prize.

    I understand the cost concern of paying so much for protein bars. Could the nutritionist give you recipes for healthy snacks? I'm doing keto and have learned many new recipes that work for me. Some are ridiculously easy and delicious. Good thing the money you save on no cigarettes or alcohol are much better spent on healthy food.

    I also don't exercise enough partly due to money being tight, so no gym, but have found baby steps are working for me. I am finding ways to walk more during the day and lift small weights when watching TV. I found an affordable fitness watch that tracks steps, sleep, blood pressure and a few more things like buzzing when l 'be been sitting too long. Keeps me a bit more active, which burns a few more calories.

    Congrats again, and thank you for motivating me!
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