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Is it rude to work out in my second floor condo?

lollie1285lollie1285 Posts: 189Member Member Posts: 189Member Member

I’m a group ex instructor and unfortunately, all of the gyms around here are closed down because of the plague that shall not be named. I need to make sure I maintain my current level of fitness - but I feel awful for the little 94 year old lady who lives in the condo below me.

Now, I’m always very mindful of this because I was a first floor dweller a few years back and the girl above me would jump around like a kangaroo. I would hear every step. It would sound like she was coming through the ceiling. Then again, these were very poorly built condos.

I’m not sure what the noise level is in the place I’m currently at, but I have to bite the bullet and start working out at home. I’m sure there are a lot of people doing the same thing right now, but I feel awful about it. Am I being totally rude by doing this? Maybe I should let her know it’s going to be a 4-5 x’s a week occurrence? I always work out late morning/early afternoon - never at night. And she never leaves the house so I can’t wait for when she’s out.

For reference, I do Cathe Friedrich workouts, so pretty high impact/intensity most days.


  • seltzermint555seltzermint555 Posts: 10,344Member Member Posts: 10,344Member Member
    I feel like doing it in respectful hours should be just fine. I used to live in a duplex and I never paid too much attention to my neighbor making noise between like 10 am to 11 pm. With the lady being 94 I guess maybe adjust that to 6 am to 7 pm? hehe

    Seriously though if you're not coming through her ceiling at 1 am I doubt it's a big deal.
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  • kimny72kimny72 Posts: 14,878Member Member Posts: 14,878Member Member
    I agree just keep it during reasonable hours. Don't get me wrong, it might still annoy the heck out of her, but when you live in apartments dealing with other people's day to day lives is part of the deal. I've had an upstairs neighbor who jumped around a lot up there and sometimes drove me nuts, but I still work out myself and hope it doesn't annoy my downstairs neighbor too much.

    It's really nice that your concerned though! If you naturally run into her on occasion, maybe mention it next time you do, like "now that the gyms are closed, I'm working out here now. Hope it hasn't disturbed you too much".
  • KHMcGKHMcG Posts: 169Member Member Posts: 169Member Member
    I would ask/let her know the situation. She will probably say it is fine. Or maybe she has a favorite tv show she wants to watch at 10am or visits on the phone with family every Wednesday afternoon. I am sure you can work something out that is agreeable for both of you.


    You could offer her an exchange. Get her groceries for her. She should not be going out.
  • JimDewJimDew Posts: 731Member Member Posts: 731Member Member
    I absolutely love that you care about your neighbors. There’s not enough compassion in the world.

    I tip my cap to you!
  • emmamcgarityemmamcgarity Posts: 1,476Member Member Posts: 1,476Member Member
    It’s very sweet to be so considerate with your neighbor. I agree to talk to her and let her know. Maybe even offer to pick up essentials from the store for her so that she doesn’t have to go out. With as unpredictable as some of the store shelves are, she might have items she really needs.
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