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How do you track food that’s untrackable?



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    MDC2957 wrote: »
    I only eat one or two meals out per week, and I just make it a rule that when I eat out, anything goes. Obviously, I still try to ballpark protein for the day. But I just enjoy the meal and get back on track for the other meals that I measure. There's no sense going nuts over trying to count meals from restaurants IMO

    By "anything goes," does that mean you don't log it? I weigh everything I can, and that helps me estimate what I eat when I don't make it. I still log it, and if I go over for the day -- ok, no problem. I still try to catch up for the week to stay in maintenance.

    The exceptions are river trips and dive trips. I have a "recipe" called Rafter Rations and one called Diver Rations. They are a mix of fat, protein, and carbs in a reasonable combination to equal a set number of calories that is WAY over my normal day. I don't include oat sodas, but generally have a ration of those because there's no resupply along the way. I also log my activity, or at least estimate how long I'm rowing. For diving, I have a computer to tell me. But it doesn't tell me how many times I climb the ladder up to the sun deck or down to the bunk deck. For rowing, it doesn't estimate how many times I run up/down the beach to/from the boat or my hiking. I can sort of estimate that.

    But for just going out to eat? There's lots in the database that might be close. I look over a few entries and make an educated guess which one is likely to fit. Over time (I have been maintaining in a +/- four or five pound range since mid-2018), I have got better at estimating. This doesn't mean I can stop weighing on a normal basis. I bet a bagel that if I quit weighing, my power of estimating would decrease, my portion size would increase, and I would have to reset my goal from maintaining to losing. I don't want that.

    So - @ochoa_ml - Keep measuring, weighing, and logging all you can, and give yourself permission to estimate when you need to!
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    Many chain restaurants publish their meal nutrition online, and some independent eateries are following suit. But for that taco or burrito you grab on the go, estimating foods in it then building a recipe here in the food log would help. Or talk to the folks behind the counter - explain you are tracking your nutrition and would like to know what's in the dish then use the food log, here to create the recipe.

    Or, maybe, they could give the basic nutrition breakdown to you. That's not out of reach for even small mom/pop beaneries these days.
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