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What I doing wrong?

ace987654321ace987654321 Posts: 1Member, Premium Member Posts: 1Member, Premium Member
For the couple of years I finally found a diet that not only helped me lose weight but also one I can feel happy to keep as a long term diet in my life.

I was able to cut down about 20 pounds which was my goal and I couldnt be happier. I'm currently 5'1" at 115lbs. My new goal is to get cut, lean, and build muscle but unfortunately I've been stuck on a rut. For the past 3 months I've been stuck at this weight and my midsection doesnt seem to slim down.

I have my macros at 5%/45%/50% under 1200 calories (I usually only meet 1000 cal.

I do HITT every other day and run 2miles the other days for 6 days. Everyday I do some type of strength training with most free weights.

I know results, especially cutting fat in the midsection region, is extremely hard but it just seems as if not even an ounce of progress is made..... feeling kinda discouraged.

If you have any tips for me I would gladly take it. Thank you all!
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  • cupcakesandproteinshakescupcakesandproteinshakes Posts: 554Member Member Posts: 554Member Member
    When I hear people say they do a lot of cardio and’ some strength training’ it usually means they aren’t following a structured resistance trsining programme. If this is true of you then get on an established programme, not one they you have put together yourself.

    Look at the lifting thread. It might be hard to start right now unless you have a home gym with weights etc. So maybe pick one of the body weight programmes listed.

    It will take years to build a decent physique generally. Not saying it can’t be done but most people need to strength train on a proper programme for months to start seeing results.
  • sardelsasardelsa Posts: 8,935Member Member Posts: 8,935Member Member
    Are you trying to lose more weight? You are already fairly light so sometimes cutting more won't bring about the physique changes you want without adequate muscle base especially in the stomach which is stubborn for many.

    I would focus on maintaining your weight and getting adequate protein (min 0.8-1g per lb bodyweight) and really focusing on progressive strength training as that will bring on the body changes you desire. Keep in mind changes are typically very slow so patience is required.
  • deannalfisherdeannalfisher Posts: 5,437Member, Premium Member Posts: 5,437Member, Premium Member
    for recomp - which seems to be what you are aiming at - those calories seem a) really low and b) if you are only taking in 1000-1200 and not eating calories back - dangerous

    also like @sardelsa mentioned - a progressive strength program is going to be the key to your success (stronglifts, strongcurves, wendler etc)
  • sijomialsijomial Posts: 16,105Member Member Posts: 16,105Member Member
    Think you need to have a serious review of your:

    Calorie goal (and accuracy in tracking that).

    They don't seem to be alligned at all to your stated goal of adding muscle.
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