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One month in little results please help

1yeartohealth1yeartohealth Posts: 6Member Member Posts: 6Member Member
Hi I'm one month into keto and have only lost 7lbs. With over 100 lbs to lose I was really hoping it would go faster. If anyone has info on what I might be doing wrong please help. Walking on treadmill for at least 1 hour a day drinking at least 70 oz water. Haven't gone out of ketosis at all. Opening diary so you can see. Only started tracking cals a few weeks ago before that just eating without tracking. Nutritionist thought I was eating enough so she wanted me to track


  • 1yeartohealth1yeartohealth Posts: 6Member Member Posts: 6Member Member
    thank you I always weigh things on a scale and I never add back in my exercise to eat back those cals. I guess I have just seen a lot of post with people dropping lots faster when doing keto. Not a problem if this is normal
  • yirarayirara Posts: 4,369Member Member Posts: 4,369Member Member
    You've got it, TO <3
    One more thing: don't get discouraged if there's a week where you don't lose weight. It happens, as our bodies don't work like engines. The most likely reasons for that are just a bit more waste in your intestines at the moment you step onto the scale, and water weight. And water weight.. oh man.. especially if you're a woman then it fluctuates for pretty much every reason. Close to TOM? Your body stores more water, close to ovulation? Yep. Traveling? Totally! New workout: you bet! Any other reason? There's always a reason. Water weight just is a *kitten* (I'm sure this gets kittened now), but has nothing to do with fat loss. It just masks fat loss.

    edit: There's the *kitten* :D
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  • dolliesdaughterdolliesdaughter Posts: 530Member Member Posts: 530Member Member
    What are your expectations? Is it realistic? What is your gauge?
  • kcmcbeekcmcbee Posts: 124Member Member Posts: 124Member Member
    Agree with others here that you have a greay start and are on track just fine. 7 lbs in a month is great and will be more and less over time. Adjust expectations and keep going.
    I did a keto/Mediterranean type diet (did not eat “lots of fat” as some keto suggests like the chart posted as that is not healthy). My 1 year was this month. 83 lbs down in 8 months and maintaining since now at 12 months.
  • mkculs13mkculs13 Posts: 176Member Member Posts: 176Member Member
    Well done. I would love to be down 7 lbs after 4 weeks, but I will be satisfied with 4--or whatever it is, b/c regardless of how long it takes, each pound lost is a pound lost. The changes I'm making are a lot of work right now, and I am learning to pay more attention to what doesn't work so I can try to plan better as I move ahead. Of course, under our stay-at-home order, any changes I make will likely need to be re-imagined once I get back to working out of the home again. Some things will be easier then; some will be harder. I'm just doing what works right now.
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