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Fell of the wagon a bit :/

JohnDaConquerorJohnDaConqueror Posts: 51Member, Premium Member Posts: 51Member, Premium Member

It’s been a hot minute since I’ve been on these forums. I’m a big calorie counter though but I’ve kind fell off the wagon and lost my focus. I still calorie count but what’s been keeping me from losing weight is my constant cheat days!

Around December 20th is when I finally got into the 250’s, and this is coming from someone who started at 371lbs. So, when I hit the 250s, I thought maybe “heck, I deserve a day to indulge and have my cravings”, well this opened a door that I wish I never opened.

Since that cheat day, I have given myself multiple cheat days since December and I haven’t been able to break the 240s. My lowest is 248, and every time I hit that number, I tell myself “if I cheat this day, I should be fine, I’m at my lowest so why not, I’ll go back to calorie counting the next day”...stupid me lol

So, it’s obvious what I do lol, I indulge way to much, my cheats day are crazy, it’s not any ordinary cheat day, and I’m not sure if it’s because the past nine months of strict calorie counting and not having many cheat days, Its what causes me to make an excuse to cheat this day or that day and just straight up binge!

Now, I can say that I have maintained my weight and I haven’t gained fat because of it, I mean I fluctuate a lot after my cheat days but I usually go back around my lowest weight (251s-253’s) after a couple days going clean. I do still have that fire in me to lose these last 50lbs, I just gotta stop these cheat days :(.

So, what I’ve been doing is, I cheat then I go clean for like 4-5 days then I cheat 2-3 days in a row, repeat! And, I’ve just been going from 248-258 over these past three months!

I’m really disappointed in myself because I know that I could of been in my 230s by now but I didn’t discipline myself and have the willpower to say no to the constant urges to cheat, but I’m sick of bouncing up and down thru 248-258, my goal is to hit 240 by the end of April! I know I can do it, I’ll update you guys again around that time!

With that being I’m not sure if anyone has had a similar situation to mines, but if you did I would really like to hear how you overcame the phase and continued to stay on track!


  • JCo702JCo702 Posts: 64Member Member Posts: 64Member Member
    I personally just make sure I log EVERYTHING... it usually makes me feel guilty about the bad stuff so I won't do it much. I agree with the post above, and not thinking of it as cheating, just incorporate it in a responsible way.
    Personally, I've now been strictly clean eating since Jan 1... I actually tried a bite of ice cream the other day and it was WAY too sweet... like actually gross to me! Any who... I find that once it's out of your diet, it's not as enjoyable... but that takes time.

    I did see one thing a few weeks ago that could be interesting to try: Every time you have a craving for a cheat, write down that food/drink item on a post it and put it on the fridge/on a board somewhere. At the end of the week, allow yourself to have just ONE of those items.
  • kcmcbeekcmcbee Posts: 124Member Member Posts: 124Member Member
    I think you have done a fantastic job! Wow! And just a little way to go for what you set as your goal. So off the rail in a brief time. No big deal. You already did this so you know how to get back on and you can. And it’s not a race so like others mentioned you may want to adjust to a lower loss rate and those additional cals you have to work with may make it easier to avoid going totally off the rails on binges. Don’t beat yourself up. You’re doing great. Anyone on this planet that is where you started would be bery glad to be where you are now. Great job!
  • briscogunbriscogun Posts: 651Member Member Posts: 651Member Member
    I used to plan and schedule a cheat “meal”, not a whole cheat “day”. If I know I’m going to go out Saturday night I make sure I eat clean during the week, and even pull back a bit on calories that day, then go enjoy my meal. I log all of it, and it never throws me off by any great amount. I get my “cheat” that I want without completely going off the rails.

    Good job so far! Just re-focus and you can get that last 50!
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