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Pretty_Little_NobodyPretty_Little_Nobody Posts: 624Member Member Posts: 624Member Member
Cannot find 6kg dumbbells anywhere in the uk. Help please!


  • ninerbuffninerbuff Posts: 42,841Member, Greeter Member Posts: 42,841Member, Greeter Member
    Get a suspension strap training system. You use your own bodyweight as resistance and you can do so many different exercises. And the resistance can be increased by just adjusting your body. Look at TRX on YOUTUBE to see some of the exercises.

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  • SnifterPugSnifterPug Posts: 272Member Member Posts: 272Member Member
    When you are checking out stores for the dumbbells, how about checking out kettlebells as well? They might do in a pinch (though you may need to be creative). I'd advise you to think about what muscles you are wanting to exercise and consider buying some resistance bands and/or a suspension trainer as suggested above. In these crazy days we need to work with what we can get. Good luck.
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