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I've lost 18 kg (40 lbs)

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Hello there o:)
I directly wanna start with telling you 'why i started to lose weight'. I was 15-16 years old (a few years ago) and walking in a park with my best friend. Then my best friend saw someone that she knows and we started to talk with that uncle for a few minutes and said we're walking and talking to spend time. Then that uncle said 'yes, you should walk not only for spending time but also for losing weight' to me. I was so surprised because i've never seen that person before and the thing he said was so rude. I got red and sad there.

Then when i went to home i thought a little bit. I learned my weight and my height. I was 167 cm and 75 kg. I was a little bit athletic always. I mean i always do sports which makes me look a little bit thinner so most of the people around me were saying 'you're ok you dont have to lose weight' etc. But I didn't listen to them.

I didn't went to a gym or a dietician. I just stopped eating fat food. Because of the diet of my country we have fat food at every meal. I started to eat healthy cereals (i dont like oats so i didnt prefer them), i didnt have lunch most of the time. And i tried to eat dinner before 6 am beause i saw that when i eat dinner early i feel more energetic, less sleepy. So i could concentrate on my homeworks etc. Because of the anger to that uncle, I ate less.

And I didnt do sports a lot. I was playing basketball or voleyball at school with friends but that was like 3 times a week and for max 2 hours in a week so that was not much.

After some time (3 months) I saw my old clothes become so baggy so that motivated me a lot. I dont have 'before' photos because i was not interested in taking photos because of my fat face. I went to Italy, Germny etc. but i dont have any photos. But now i have lots of photos even at home.

I want to say someting, maybe i can support you with these sentences: o:)<3
-Don't let someone break your heart because of your weight...
-Start with loving yourself but you should love MORE the body youre gonna have...
-Don't listen to the people who tell you 'you dont have to do that', 'you are not gonna do that' etc
-Don't hope to lose that much weight in one month... If you lose in a long term, it will be more permanent
-Try to walk or do cardio at home (you can find apps for that). If you ask me, pilates or weight training wont be good while losing weight. You can get tight after losing weight otherwise you may not get thinner.
-You can try fat burning cures (you can search or i can write in another article). You can eat or drink them before sleeping or just after waking up (i dont know if they help or not but they make me feel more energetic and i felt like they worked on me)

If you have anythink to ask you can write o:) all the best... <3
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