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Morbidly obese and looking for support

xXClareElisabethXxxXClareElisabethXx Posts: 2Member Member Posts: 2Member Member
A little info about me, since Sep 2019 I have been accessing counselling for an eating disorder diagnosis. As I am morbidly obese, my disorder is defined as 'other' as my behaviour and its subsequent result does not fit neatly into the diagnosis of Bulimia nor Anorexia (complex and diverse though each diagnosis may be). Because of Covid19, my counselling has been suspended (understandably); and because I have learned some healthy and helpful mechanisms through counselling, I feel ready to slowly start incorporating healthy food and low impact exercise into my life. I am not looking for peer support relative to dieting, and if you are dieting rather than amending your lifestyle for the better I am not sure our content will be sympatico with each other. What I would like is peer support which is mutually understanding and beneficial to each of us. So after all that, I hope we can be friends, and I'm looking forward to getting to know everyone, so please friend request me :)


  • cesse47cesse47 Posts: 274Member Member Posts: 274Member Member
    My daughter has a Master's degree and has her own counseling business. With the need to "shelter in place", she has moved many of her clients to a video-based program so they can maintain their counseling sessions while staying safe at home, especially with the added stress of Covid19. You may want to check with your counselor to see if they offer the TeleMed option or know of one who does. Good Luck.
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