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Accountability Partner Needed! Please add!

simplyjia Posts: 26 Member
edited April 2020 in Motivation and Support
Hi everyone ! My name is Nadjia. I would love to have an accountability partner!
32, Female, 5'0”, CW 175 GW 130

I’ll be 33 in June and will be using Beachbody On Demand in order to reach my goals. Currently doing The Prep in order to get ready for The Work. Also trying out The Ultimate Portion Fix for nutrtion as much as I can.


  • StevieBert
    StevieBert Posts: 6 Member
    Hey! I just send you an add request with some info about me. :)
  • daniel_mdsn28
    daniel_mdsn28 Posts: 10 Member
    Beachbody is great program. I haves used it before with great results.
  • allenyang95
    allenyang95 Posts: 4 Member
    Hello Nadjia. Feel free to add me as well. I'm 176cm, age 26, already lost 17Kg, and I'm trying to lose an extra 10Kgs. With the current self-isolation situation, I decided to stick to one home workout: rope jumping. Hope we can motivate each other