Why do people give up?

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I know this question has been asked before here in the archives but I'm asking for 2020. Feel free to offer your personal experience.

Why do people typically give up their weight loss efforts? What makes people get discouraged to the point they say 'forget it'?

And then on the other end, what finally worked for you? What mindset did you take on that made the difference and led to success with (edit: sustainable) weight loss?

I ask because I'm feeling impatient right now.


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    That's good to hear @cmriverside. I actually do (started back in November) a pretty challenging bodyweight workout most days of the week and wonder what the point is sometimes. I mainly do it bc I want to stay strong with my scoliosis but of course I really want to lose these extra 50 lbs and I don't know if the exercise is doing anything in that regard.

    But I'm glad to get any encouragement in staying w exercise because I wonder if it's really helping sometimes.

    Edit: I have lost inches. So that's definitely something.
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    I think I get into the mindset this is not fair I hate to have to watch everything I eat. Well you know what I have to watch everything I eat and will for a lifetime. I now tell myself even wrote it in my phone You cant have it both ways, you will be sorry tomorrow. DO you want to be overweight and not fit in your clothes.
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    I did the typical lose weight, put more on, rinse, repeat for years. The diet phases would be unsustainable and boring. I didn't change my lifestyle. I never "gave up" as such on any of the diets. I just pushed against the boundaries until all of the diet habits vanished and all of the old lifestyle came back.

    Finally loving fitness brought the change for me. I love feeling vigorous, strong and confident. To be able to do more physically meant losing weight and adjusting my diet accordingly. Now it is worth taking the trouble to eat healthily and maintain my weight. Being able to take emotions out on gym equipment has also helped me through the deaths of two darling dogs and now Covid lockdown. Previously I would just have sat on the couch and mainlined chocolate and booze.
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    I have given up in the past because it is difficult to constantly be hungry. I maintain around 1500-1700 calories depending on my activity level and eating even maintenance is a struggle because I’m often hungry. It doesn’t matter what combination of foods I eat, the hunger is there and hard to manage. It is like my body senses when it is in a deficit when I try to eat less and increases my hunger. I have tried increasing protein, volume, etc but none of that helps.

    I can relate to this. Being in a deficit seems to be very difficult for me. I would just push through it except for how it affects me mentally and emotionally. It's draining and makes me feel unstable. It's not thirst or boredom.

    I think I'm going to have to find the smallest possible deficit and just learn to be ok with very slow weight loss.

    I feel you. I’m trying to stay at a small deficit but even half pound a week puts me at 1250 some days. It is hard being small.
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    Thanks, @beulah81 !

    I will keep that in mind. I like walking. My situation (even before the pandemic) is that I am with my kids at all times (homeschool) so it's hard to get out for the kind of walks I'd like and they can be whiney about coming with me.

    I started the bodyweight workout bc it's short, intense and can be done at home for free. But the days I don't do it I am noticeably less hungry 😕