Calories Count?

5’4”, 140, & lightly active....if my calories are set to 1200 a day, am I suppose to be in a 500 deficit of that in order to lose ~2lbs a week? Or is that taken into account when i plugged all my info in so 1200 is my deficit & what I eat daily?


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    MFP uses NEAT, meaning that your deficit is already there with the number it gives you, provided that no exercise has been done for the day. It intends for you to log and eat back exercise calories.

    With that being said, 1200 calories is only necessary for small, sedentary and/or elderly individuals. You do not have the fat stores available to comfortably and safely lose 2 pounds a week. I would change your goal to lose .5 to 1 pound instead.
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    You should be eating 1200 plus exercise calories. You need to eat at least 1200 calories just to get the bare minimum vitamins/minerals you need to fuel your organs and life processes. As such; mfp will never give you a goal below 1200.

    As someone who is also 5’4” and weighs a bit more than you, I can tell you that 1200 works out to less than a pound per week for me. So you’re going to want to temper your expectations on how fast you can lose while still fueling your heart, brain, breathing, etc.

    So it doesn’t mean eat less than 1200. It means you’re limited on how fast you can lose while still staying alive and healthy.

    You may get more calories if you change to a pound or 1/2 pound a week, you may not. But you should be eating 1200 plus any workout calories. And adjusting your expectations.
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    Much appreciated Thank you all for clarifying